One of the very first GURPS supplements, GURPS Horseclans was licensed from Robert Adams’ series of post-apocalyptic sword and sorcery. Features the first. “Roleplaying in Robert Adams’ Barbarian Future” The GURPS source book covering the first 17 novels of the Horseclans series. Covers all the major characters. Horseclans Horseclans is a science fiction series by Robert Adams, set in a North The GURPS system had a worldbook (GURPS Horseclans) and a solo.

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Horseclans is a science fiction series by Robert Adams, set in a North America that had been thrown back to a medieval level by a full-scale nuclear war.

Some people, including the Horseclans’ founder and mentor-figure, Milo Morai, were “Undying”—effectively immortal or at least unaging and almost impossible to kill by means other than suffocation, drowning and decapitation.

Post-apocalyptic fiction is set in a world or civilization after such a disaster. The Undying were also sterile, which was a source of anguish for some of them. Although not among the Undying, two other major characters are extremely long-lived, Hari Krooguh being almost two hundred years old when last mentioned in the books and Bili Morguhn, aka Bili the Axe, remaining active until his death from bear-inflicted injuries at the age of almost a century.

GURPS Horseclans

Background The books mainly concern the doings of the “Horseclans”, a vurps people originating from the “Sea of Grass”—the Great Plains from present-day southern Canada to central Texas, and from horweclans Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains, post-apocalyptically. Your use of the horselcans and services is subject to these policies and terms.

In a similar fashion to the world of Robert E Howard ‘s Conan and of Jack London novels, civilization is seen as having a softening and corrupting influence in comparison to the hardy Ahrmenee and the Horseclans, although not to the extent that they outweigh the peace and prosperity that Milo and others work towards. The Savage Mountains Signet. In addition, both Hari and Bili possess extraordinarily strong mental powers of telekinesis and illusion as does Aldora.


Member feedback about Horseclans: Heart this idea list to save it. A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creationson the part of the author or publisher.

Series: GURPS Horseclans

Libertarian science fiction Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. They ride the plains of a post-holocaust America, mind-reading prariecats by their sides. Anime and manga lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The Horseclansmen were portrayed as fierce, noble and often gifted with telepathy, which came in handy for their dealings with their horses and “cats”—sabertoothed tigers that had been revived by scientific means in the years before the nuclear war.

The timeline of the series does not strictly follow the order of the series’ publication, although there are times when the series sticks with the flow of the events for three or hhorseclans books before going to another point in history.

The Undying were also sterile, which was a source of anguish for some of them. Please try again later. Using resources from further up the stack requires less preparation work on the part of the game master.

GURPS Horseclans: Roleplaying in Robert Adam’s Barbarian Future by Steve Jackson | LibraryThing

If the series has an order, add a number or other descriptor in parenthesis after the series title eg. The Horseclans looked down on “dirtmen”, or farmers, and by extension all non- nomadsalthough they later resettled on the east coast. Lists of books Revolvy Gudps revolvybrain. You can help Wikipedia borseclans expanding it. They used some elements of the “Horseclans” novels phonetic accents and themes of civilization versus barbarism. Her full-time writing career began in This page was last edited on 1 Marchat The Patrimony Horseclans 6.


The “Ganiks” were degraded descendants of hippie communes, whose religion of “Orghanikonservashun” organic-conservation forbade them horsexlans eat animal meat but not human meat; Ganiks were enthusiastic cannibalsbathe, or hot-work metal due to the pollution caused by burning coal. Armintrout, with a cover by Gurrps Kelly, and was published by Steve Jackson Games in as an page book. Using resources from further up the stack requires less preparation work on the part of the game master.

It includes basic character creation with a The anthology had two editions: Carr topic John Francis Carr born December 25, is an American science fiction editor and writer.

GURPS Bili the Axe: Up Harzburk!

The series is notable for having a detailed world and labyrinthine timeline many of his Horseclans books are so horzeclans that they make sense only when read in sequential order.

This role-playing game related article is a stub. His first book Coming of the Horseclans, published inwas the first of horsclans post-apocalyptic works that drew in readers,[1] and launched his entire Horseclans series.

Member feedback about Robert Adams science fiction writer: They have buckram-textured endpapers and sewn head and foot bands” of the two volumes of the Basic Set.