Gotrek the dwarf trollslayer and his companion Felix are Black Library’s most popular fantasy duo. This omnibus edition gives readers a unique opportunity to . Gotrek and Felix: The First Omnibus (Warhammer: Gotrek and Felix) by William King – book cover, description, publication history. Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the Warhammer Fantasy setting who appear in a . Gotrek and Felix first encountered her in Trollslayer when she was a little girl, the only .. (The first twelve books of the series, from Trollslayer to Zombieslayer, have been reprinted in four Gotrek and Felix Omnibus collections.) .

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Those books are easy to read, omnibu of them entertains you nicely. Games Workshop; Omnibus edition August 8, Language: This weapon was the Runemaster’s Axe of the lost dwarven fortress of Karag Dum, and supposedly previously belonged to the dwarven deity Grimnir. Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from October All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction Warhammer 40, articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references Znd with multiple maintenance issues.

With a well built story, fasinating setting, and intresting characters, the Gotrek and Felix series is one that i’ll definetley follow.

A major theme in the novels is the tension within Felix between his desire to settle down in peace and comfort, away from the danger of being Gotrek’s companion, and his longing to escape the banalities of civilized Imperial society for a life of heroism and adventure, and it is this conflict that shaped much of his relationship with Gotrek and his family.

The equivalent of an 80’s action movie; sometimes a little dumb omnibs fully capable of making your afternoon enjoyable. Expect Gotrek really tirst elves and trees I’m only reading this book because it was given to me.

The only problem with that is that he keeps winning all of his battles. Gotrek is a mighty-thewed Dwarvish o Good bloody fun. You’ll laugh, cringe, cheer, and learn felxi great deal about the World of Warhammer. This book contains the first three volumes of the Gotrek and Felix series.


Felix and Gotrek join a Dwarven expedition into the Chaos Wastes aboard an airship, searching for the lost Dwarven citadel of Karag Dum. There are massive battles, skirmishes, assassinations, brawls, duels, more battles, deadly magic, beastmen, armies, ratmen, and even more battles. Granted, the analogy breaks down a bit here but I still love the concept. Even choosing to have Felix be the narrative voice is a very deliberate consideration, as Gotrek demonstrates one of the classic Dwarven traits of secretive stoicism.

Much better written than it appears from a first look. Gotrek and Felix are in the same location the entire time and makes this feel more like a novel, rather than just short stories. This is really three books in one: Deals with the campaign by rat-men to take over the city Gotrek and felix are ensconced in.

Loved all three books, and my love for the characters grew with each book. But what will they find when, or if, they get there? But I don’t think it’s my first encounter with the Warhammer universe, I’m pretty sure my dad used to have it on the PS1.

Gotrek and Felix – Wikipedia

The exact nature of Gotrek’s crime has never been explicitly revealed; like many Slayers, Gotrek considers his transgressions an intensely personal shame, and has threatened to kill those nosy enough to pry. While the universe stays full of blood and grit, both characters constantly make me chuckle.

However, some hints have been revealed over the course of the novels, though the authenticity of these sources is somewhat questionable. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Felix, feliz a grateful and drunken state, agrees to accompany him on his quest and to publish his exploits and “death” in a heroic and epic narrative.

This collection of the first three books in the series of Gotrek and Felix covers Trollslayer, Skavenslayer and Daemonslayer. TrollslayerSkavenslayerand Daemonslayer.

The adventures of Omnibuz Gurnisson, Dwarf Slayer seeking an epic doom to atone for his past sins, and Felix Jaeger, down on his luck poet from Altdorf sworn to chronicle the Dwarf’s doom, are not only the most enjoyable titles published by Black Library, they are among the very best in all of fantasy. Daemonslayer has the epic feel the other two books were lacking and is full of dwarfish goodness.


September Learn how and when to remove this template message. There have been thirteen Boneripper s, nearly all of which have been killed by Gotrek and Felix. She also appears in the short story The Funeral of Gotrek Gurnissonin which she temporarily joins forces eflix Felix to hunt down the villains whom he mistakenly believes have killed Gotrek.

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Dec 31, Dan Schwent rated it really liked it Shelves: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Like all Slayers, Gotrek shaved his crimson hair into what usually is a crescent shaped Mohawk and is described as broader than he is tall, heavily muscled, and wears a patch to cover an eye which he lost in battle with Orcs and Goblins. Amazon Business Service for business customers. The Second Omnibus Warhammer Paperback.

The First Omnibus

It is never explicitly stated what Gotrek is atoning for, but the dour and determined killer never shirks from ffelix a mighty doom. Seeking to undermine the very fabric of the Empire with tue arcane warp-sorcery, the skaven, twisted Chaos rat-men, are at large in the reeking sewers beneath the city. And even though I didn’t get the game programming job, I was happy to have found this treasure. This was enough to satisfy me when I was aged fourteen, but looking at the books today, they are disappointingly crude.

Get a copy today to discover the epic details of three of their greatest adventures.

Its simply bad writing to keep using buzzwords like ‘fun’, and its something I already have a bad habit of. See this thread for more information.

Basically the lights go out and a couple wakes up happy the next morning.