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Recording A Track Or Tracks Using The Gnxfc For Looping To begin recording a loop is no different than when you are doing multi-track recording. Midi And Recording They are located to the left of the Status Button. The procedure for selecting Amps or Cabinets is as follows: However, you can configure the function of the Amp Channel Footswitch within a preset. To adjust the Master playback level, follow these steps: Preset Mode – Green Preset Manjal The GNX4 presets each have an independent level control for quick balancing of the levels between presets.


Pre-roll Pre-Roll can also be used as a count in cue, indicating when the very beginning of the song starts. To re-amp a guitar track, follow these steps: Guitar Signal Routing The GNX4 provides a Quantize feature that corrects these timing problems to the nearest eighth note.


Small Club Setup mono Amp Rig Specifications are therefore subject to change without notice. Expression Pedal Assignment The Rear Panel 6.

This will ensure that all.

mahual To select a pattern or file that you would like played back with a song, follow these steps: Midi Preset Dump Each of these inputs can be used to record audio and each has multiple different routing configurations available.

Using Compact Flash Memory Cards To begin tuning, play a note on your guitar a harmonic at the 12th fret usually works best. Quantize function creates perfectly timed loops to the nearest eighth note of a given tempo. Can these be removed? Footswitches turn the effects on and off.

Effects placed post amp are those that typically sound best when heard in stereo like modulation effects, delay and reverb. Auto Stop Quantize function creates perfectly timed loops to the nearest eighth note of a given tempo.

Installing Pro Tracks Software This is useful for making a backup copy of customized presets, or copying your presets into another GNX4. maanual

Footswitch Operation not on a Compact Flash card. When a card is inserted into the GNX4, tnx4 songs appear in the Songs folder named: Effects and Parameters Effects and Parameters The GNX4 features a comprehensive set of effects for creating just the sound you need for any musical application.

To Undo a track manua was just recorded, follow these steps: The sound that you hear while adjusting these parameters will depend on the channel status see chart below. Installing The Gnx4’s Software Suite Automatically generates bass and drum parts that match your song 63 pages.



Selecting A Preset Amp Channel Footswitch Optimizing The Mic Input Level Turn The Stompbox Modeling Off Audio Routing Setups – All input sources guitar, mic, line, drums, onboard 8-track recorder playback and USB playback are routed to both output pairs in mono. To begin recording a loop is no different than when you are doing multi-track recording.

Using The Gnxfc For Looping Each parameter assigned to the Expression Pedal can have specific ranges of how much the parameter is controlled by using the minimum and maximum controls. Sometimes our timing may not be perfect when pressing the PLAY footswitch to set the length.

Re-amping Using The Gnx4’s Recorder Table Of Contents Envelope Filter Playing Back A Recorded Track 2. DigiTech warrants this product, when used solely within the U.