Arturo Ponce de Leon is the author of Psicogeometria Geometría Sagrada y Arquitectura Biológica ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews), Biofractal the Sc. of Life Sacred Geometry and Biological Arquitetura Arturo Ponce de León and .. Sagrada en el Primer Congreso Internacional de Arquitectura Biologica y. La Universidad Online de Geometría Sagrada contiene decenas de horas de Aprende acerca de una amplia gama de temas como Psicogeometría, Arquitectura Biológica, Bioconstrucción, Permacultura, Lugar: Monterrey, Nuevo León.

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Building three-dimensionally the patterns of the 5 Platonic solids and the 13 Archimedean solids. Let us remember that, according to the theory of Unified or Fractal Field, scientists state that the entire Universe is composed of only one substance.

The same happens with the senses of touching and smelling. The matter is just a lot of energy moving so slowly that you can touch.

From Sumer, the birthplace of civilization according to historians, three branches of knowledge stretch out, passed on like a lighted torch reaching our times. The polyhedron gravity helps the body of the person remember the lost form. Get to Know Us. Wagrada, the correct definition of geometry is: Phi squared, cubed, etc.

There are essentially two types of culture: Dan Winter has proposed that the geometric organization of the constituent energy of matter is what creates the essential characteristics thereof, including gravity.

Psicogeometria – Sitio Oficial Geometria Sagrada Arturo Ponce de Leon y Ninon Fregoso

From the vacuum unit, ie, 0 and 1, the sequence begins Phi derive this sequence dividing any number by its immediate past. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The science of musical harmony is identical to the science of the symmetry of crystals when we understand matter as a reticule of interspaced keon at determined intervals. The torus donut is the original multiconectadas surface waves. These measurements are made in real time and sometimes are used so that the person made aware of your unconscious activity.


Piezoelectricity of quartz is created by its ability to carry energy between frequencies, down the spiral one leno spiral supply of electronic life.

It finds archetypal principles symbolized by numbers and shapes, and their arithmetic and geometric relations.

Arturo Ponce de Leon (Author of Psicogeometria Geometría Sagrada y Arquitectura Biológica)

The HeartTuner, unlike other measurement systems, is a device that measures the internal consistency of the heart waves, measures the Heart Rate Variability or HRV heart rate variabilitywhich is the defi nition of medical health. We dwell in a semiotic universe, i. The essence of Cosmos underlies its sacrality. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Thus, this explains the necessity of many cultures to create artistic manifestations using Sacred Geometry. The essence of Cosmos underlies its sacrality, and one con only access sacred geometry through meditation in Unity, followed by the attempt to symbolically visualize the formal order and to contemplate it emerging purely from the incomprehensible Unicity.

We find manifestations of sustainable geometry in different times, ages leob latitudes, penetrating music, architecture, painting, sculpture, art, dancing, and knowledge systems.

Storing momentum may seem, at first instance, trivial, but all in Nature; stars and beautiful arquktectura exist because of this talent. Sacred geometry is the code of codes, a meta-structure which the matter is literally made up from. What does Nature seek to create with that geometry?

On the contrary, it penetrates all possible human dimensions; it is a body imbricated in all the others. The shape of our eyes, vagina, urethra, etc. Only this musical wave that creates the self-similarity the golden ratio allows the compression acceleration, also called gravity becomes.


We elaborate these meanings from codes, structures, languages and symbols. In the picture below are geometric shapes restoring the level of harmonic inclusvidad a person.

The unfolding of this unity into divisions is the very first act of Creation. To enter the rotating-field-female, male-the-line power must be initiated in the way of momentum spiral dance.

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The implosion creates suction, whose self-direction is the difference between gwometria self eg death or lucid dreaming or a parasite eg priests who say that God is outside of you. That is why in the process of creation we first find the chaotic electromagnetic energy that arranges itself in a recurrent pattern around a zero point so as to start spinning round this point; thus, by creating a toroid, it stores spinning inertia.

A subtler body than the electromagnetic one is the gravitational body also called astral. In addition, we can relate each of the five Platonic solids with land grids and the five elements of Chinese tradition, as follows left to right: We have understood that the differences between the fundamental forces are no differences of “substance”, but of scale. Sustainable geometry is based on sustainable mathematics.

We all know the basic formula for this: Pressure occurs where waves meet. HRV addition, we measured the IC or internal coherence internal coherence.