These famous lectures on Srimad Bhagvad Geeta were delivered by Acharya Vinoba Bhave in from Dhule jail. These were written by. Lectures on Geeta by Acharya Vinoba Bhave in Hindi USA) is based on “Geeta Pravachan” translation by Haribhau Upadhyaya as published. गीता-प्रवचन -विनोबा. gita-pravachan -vinoba bhave · Geeta- gita pravachan -vinoba. adhyay, adhyay ka nam.

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Manual work was to be avoided and white collar generation came into significant existence. Indian History has many actual examples of men who got the results of self-realisation in this way. Displaying 1 to 17 of 17 products.

गीता-प्रवचन -विनोबा – Krishnakosh

Keep on acting constantly and surrender the fruit hbave action to God. This is there but it is to pravacgan supported by our bhaev actions. All activity is inspired by his presence but still he is the witness.

It is essential to get rid of this state of mind. If one looks at the geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave with friendly eyes, a perennial stream will spring in the heart, divine stars will shine in the inner firmament. Which of the two is better? This was done in the name of preserving the sanctity of the religion. Important and distinct actions leave a deep impression on the mind; other actions fade away from memory.

Society has supported a part of our existence; we have to repay the debt. His method is to see God in the ugly as in the handsome, in the beggar as in geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave king, in men, bave, animals and birds, everywhere he sees the presence of God.


In such strange times, something as simple as dedication to the Lord becomes difficult. In this chapter the Lord reveals His visible form and so His Grace. Just geta saying it and see what happens.

Geeta Pravachan- Marathi

The moments of our daily life pravacham appear commonplace, but in vinoha they are not so, they carry enormous significance. He says that Gita is prepared to go to the lowest, pravachaj weakest, the least cultured of men. Infinite Love of God is the central reality Chid-vilasa of which His power and wisdom are but aspects.

Geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave we will realise how full of beauty and value our lives become. Therefore the pravachsn and the noblest way to use every one vunoba the senses with the intellect surrendered to the Lord.

Our actions should be geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave purer by adopting the technique of Karma and Vikarma.

But if, with karma we bhavr vikarma, then, however much work you do; you will not feel its strain. Of all the books by Vinoba Bhave, his talks on the Gita have been the best. And they all leave associations, impacts and build up tendencies in the mind.

As we proceed inward the self illuminates the body and puts joy, power, fearlessness self-control etc. Presiding over my material energy, I generate these myriad geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave again geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave again, in accordance with the force of their natures.


However, pravachhan the geeta pravachan pravaachan vinoba bhave rises, light starts spreading, similarly a little before the seeker starts on the path the dawn of good qualities starts shining.


beeta An introduction to this book in his own words is as under: Your problem is not regarding fight but the fight against my relatives, my brothers, my friends. Our action is a mirror which shows us our true form.

Differentiated concept of Purushottama — the Supreme Self which Sri Krishna is, the individual self which is non-perishable and geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave to be realised and tools of Bhakti or devotion which are perishable are dealt with here. Here the most important aid to Swadharma — a discriminating insight — to separate the bran from the wheat or smelting gold from pravxchan ore — is discussed and the steps are shown how to get the gold and yeeta the impurities.

Through yagna regenerationwe maintain equilibrium in nature, through dana charity in society and tapa purification in the body. Regeneration is to replenish loss, and to purify things.

Osther qualities between fearlessness and humility are compassion, tenderness, forgiveness, serenity, patience, non-violence, loyalty etc.