Notes that must be read before making an application for the bursary in 1. The bursary is only awarded to South African citizens and. The Funza Lushaka bursary scheme offers teaching bursaries to academically In addition to the completed application form you must also submit the following: .. per year to more than active bursaries provided to students in Source: DBE, b, Funza Lushaka Report . Funza Lushaka bursary application forms. • Consolidation of the provincial signed off lists.

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What does the bursary cover: For more information phone: ACT will cover the costs of travel and accommodation for finalists.

It must also include all the required information as per application form. The Scholar Merit Award scheme rewards top performing students for the marks achieved in the final grade 12 exams.

If the applicant does receive supplementary funding during the duration of the scholarship, this will need to be declared to the SAMA Bursary Committee Selection Criteria: Upon the successful completion of your Bursary Programme: The bursary program has grown from 41 active bursaries per year to more than active bursaries provided to students in Honours, Masters and PhD bursaries: The bursaries will only be used to fund study in the medical field i.

The Foundation partners with the following Universities: You are committed to a career in life insurance?

Fellowship applicants need to fulfill the criteria indicated below Fellowship Application: Applications are open right through the year. Information about Initial Teacher Education Read this before you make your application.


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School of Education Master’s Handbook. Does this sound like an interesting opportunity?

You may indicate your preferred province but there is not a guarantee that you will be placed in it. The bursary does not need to be repaid if these conditions are fulfilled. This support is to ensure that the Applicatino is able to purely focus on their academics and entrepreneurial and leadership development.

Guide to applying for ethical clearance to conduct research. Participants are required to demonstrate competence in three disciplines — acting, singing and dancing — with exceptional talent in at least one. For more information on Shoprite.

The PGCE has also to be obtained in the year after you have completed your first degree. Points are awarded for the symbols obtained in each of your seven NSC subjects and the amount is linked to the total merit points achieved. Reggio Emilia Reading Group. If there is not, the applicant may be placed in a PED that does have suitable vacancies. Sport Bursaries The NMMU Sport Bureau offers sport bursaries of varying amounts to those forj have demonstrated the ability to play sport at a high level of competition.

Each lishaka receives a limited number of full-cost bursaries presently worth R70 per year to award and the number of applications for them exceeds the number of bursaries.

Fellowship applicants need to fulfill the applicatioj indicated below. Students need to make sure that their details are correct on the application form.

Please read the application notes and the Agreement Form on the Funza Lushaka website carefully before you apply, as they contain the conditions for the award and acceptance of a bursary. The Fellowship selection team aims to correctly select talented individuals from the Southern African region so thatit is awarded to individuals that are most able to leverage this opportunity.


For more information on this Medical Bursary, click here. Qualified recipients of the bursary must request placement in a province of their choice. Full name, address, telephone and email contact information Copies of documents to demonstrate South African citizenship e. Teaching is a noble profession that requires passion, commitment, tolerance, perseverance, character and the dedication to make a difference in the lives of a diverse group of young and older children, depending on your choice of phase specialisation.

A weight of personality that comes from living a life personified by passion and integrity. This can be conditional pending final acceptance. Mechanical Instrumentation Electrical Mining Chemical Geology Applications should contain vursary following documentation: Application forms are available from their office.

Bursaries | School of Education

As an undergraduate who excels academically, Actuarial studies is where you achieve and want to be? Please email Dr Clare Verbeek for further information or queries. The main condition of the bursary is that you agree to teach in a state teaching post not a Governing Body post for a year for each year that the bursary is held. Download the Foskor Career Funzw Booklet.