FRAKO power factor correction (PFC) systems make a major contribution to achieving energy efficiency and EMR , RM and RM use micro-. The reactive power control relay RM and RM respectively can be .. Model RM /12 Sales Programme Power capacitors for low voltage FRAKO. and RM respectively is capa- ble of measuring the 6 switching contacts at RM • Power factor FRAKO Power Bus Connection *) ..

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FRAKO power factor control relays help in solving complex problems ranging far beyond the pure control of reactive power to a set target cos phi. The commissioning and safety information for the power factor correction system should also be observed. FRAKO power factor control relays help in solving complex problems ranging far beyond the pure control of reactive power to a set target frqko phi. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

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The control relay deactivates a capacitor stage after about 3 seconds. This function only works if automatic response current identification is active. Target power factor setting adjustable from 0. This type of connection offers a more precise measuring procedure for the overcurrent in the capacitor.


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Flashing messages that begin with E e. After current is restored the control relay switches the required stages on. The ind and cap LEDs b show whether the network is loaded with capacitive or inductive reactive power.

We are here to help! The mr selection is made in setup mode under The lowest measured power factor during the alarm is recorded as the cause of the alarm. The defect stages can be read out as the cause of the alarm.

In such cases the target power factor should be set with a small zero preceding the decimal point see Figure 9. Programmable overcurrent alarm threshold limit from1. This requires that automatic connection identification should be activated. The control relay should be disconnected from the mains while cleaning the back of the control relay. The control relay issues an alarm in the event of an error. For troubleshooting see section 6.

As shown in connection diagrams 3 to 6. The greater the value, the broader the control band. Manual mode is not activated. Notes on troubleshooting 28 Necessary action Check that operating voltage applied to the control relay is at the right level.


Reactive Power Control Relay RM 2106/12

Please enter Mobile Number. The response current has been programmed incorrectly. It is acknowledged automatically for each 206 after about 15 seconds or can be acknowledged earlier by pressing any key.

Two control curves characteristics. In this connection variant, only the 5th, 7th, 11th and 13th harmonics of the voltage are used to calculate the harmonic overcurrent in the capacitor. The following general principles apply: It then behaves in the same way as in the initial start-up see section 3. E2indicate an error. The control relay creates a tolerance band or control band around its target in this case the target is to permit no reactive power.

Another measuring device switched in parallel with the control relay current path. If response current recognition crako deactivated, then an error in the connection will lead to functional errors during subsequent operation.