: Fragment: A Novel (): Warren Fahy: Books. Fragment: A Novel and millions of other books are available for instant access. view. Fragment (Random House, ), is a science-based thriller by bestselling author and screenwriter, Warren Fahy. The novel focuses on a crew of young. Riding the crest of a wave of hype proclaiming it the summer beach novel of (and if things go as I’m sure Warren Fahy’s agent intends, the summer.

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With a director dying for drama, tiny Henders Island might be just what the show needs. There were a couple minor fragmrnt dealing with timescale in the plot and an ambiguity about a certain characters “armor”.

This looks like some gorgeous underground haven for the dispossessed. It was either predictable in parts or tawdry. Oct 07, Susan Gallagher rated it did not like it Warrsn Read more Read less.

Along the way, they travel in a humvee that constantly sprays saltwater. I truly enjoyed reading Fragment and hope the sequel which the author is calling Pandemonium comes out in the not to distant future.

They find another new eco-system there called Pandemonium — and the descriptions of those life forms are equally interesting and original. Arriving inside of the base, which is protected by sprayers full of saltwater and fragkent outer hull that can survive a near miss from a missile strike, Thatcher and Geoffrey meet with biologists Sir Nigel Holscombe, Doug Livingstone and several United States Generals and Defense Secretaries as fragmenr a live feed with the President of the United States.

The time is now. Aug 10, Jason rated frsgment did not like it Shelves: The main vegetation of Henders Island are not plants but rather animals who resemble plants and can both photosynthesise and kill and eat other creatures. Basically, a Reality TV series crew embarks on a voyage for their “Scientific” TV show, only to get a distress call coming from the direction of an unexplored island, falling right in line with the fragmnet of one of its’ scientist crew members who’s been wanting to explore the island her whole life.


Most of the staff are killed when the predators make their way into the lab. Ships from and sold by Amazon. He’s the epitome of the character that everyone loves to hate. It appears that the whole story is going to be set with a ship full of reality show scientists and crew, who are obviously destined to explore the mo It started out well, with an interesting mock essay on the historic cycle of new species introduced into an environment that can take over, decimate the existing flora or fauna, and change that environment forever.

Destined for the next book fair I find and Lord help the poor person who buys it. The details seem brilliantly researched, and the observations could be those of a sharp-minded student of biology. There’s an updated review on the blog, as well as a new interview with Warren. That’s about as deep as this story gets.

Rumours of its existence in our modern oceans have persisted for centuries.

Fragment by Warren Fahy | : Books

Really 2 and a half stars. Robin Atkin Fhay Length: As they come close to the island–Henders Island–it unfortunately appears that the ship will have to forgo stopping at the island due to time constraints.

I would have been biting my nails if I would have put the book down for a minute.

Fact was blended so well with fiction that it was difficult at times especially for a non-science person such as me to tell where fact ended and fiction began. It is implied in fagment story that “normal” mantis shrimps are the only creatures from Henders Island to ever make it off the island and into other parts of the world.


Please try again later. Fortunately for readers, Henders Island is not a hoax. If you enjoyed Jurassic Park the movie, you’ll really enjoy Fragment. Fahy has created another exciting and entertaining read – and though Copey is strangely missing, Ivan fills the canine role quite nicely!


I glanced through a few reviews of Fragment and had to laugh at all the comparisons to Michael Crichton. That was probably the single most unbelievable and unnecessary element of the story. The time is now. A beautiful new hardback was released within the past month! As a biologist well, biology grad studentFragmetn was intrigued by the description of this book, and requested a review copy through LibraryThing.

There was enough retelling of the events leading up to Pandemonium Another win for the Big Dumb Fun category! We’ve got characters we root for, and characters we wish would get killed a-million-and-one times over in any horribly likeable fashion possible.

A number of themes are dealt with in the novel, frafment the question of whether or not sentient life is guaranteed to destroy its environment one of the major characters is actually a zoologist who believes humaity is like a virus to the Earth.

Its centerpiece, a chase scene in which three hapless humans on foot run for dear life pursued by roughly twenty million running, leaping, hopping, flying, and extremely hungry monsters, may well go down in eaten-by-monsters-story history.

Preview — Pandemonium by Warren Fahy. When the police search is abandoned, he and four of his friends create their own search party to scour the mountain range.

Unfortunately, those sections of the novel are very few and far between, and I was left wanting much more.