Clasificacion de las Fracturas de Pelvis y Acetabulo Dr. Eduardo Carrillo P. Ortopedista y Traumatologo – Universidad Javeriana Clasificacion. Slide 8 of 56 of Power fractura de pelvis y acetabulo 2. Slide 13 of 56 of Power fractura de pelvis y acetabulo 2.

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Clasificación de Fracturas de Pelvis y Acetábulo by Pedro AG on Prezi

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Que os parece este caso de una fractura de pelvis.

Acetabular fracture

Together, the acetabulum and head of the femur form the hip joint. Rejoice your appreciate for your personal pet, and also your sister in law’s appreciate for her dog. Hi guys, What online mags do you read and would recommend?

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Depending on the level at which the fracture line passes in relation to weight bearing area, the transverse fracture is further subdivided into types: Twelve years after her death inKarl Lagerfeld took over as the lead designer of the Couture House of Chanel, continuing her iconic designs. This injury is caused by a blow to either the side or front of the knee and often occurs as a dashboard injury accompanied by a fracture of the femur.


X-ray visualization is best done in Antero posterior view and Iliac and obturator oblique views. Axial CT image viewed on bone windows of a complex comminuted left acetabular fracture involving both anterior and posterior columns. Why common men’s style is amazing The common man’s suit has scarcely changed for over a hundred years.

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The posterior injury may be tacked with anterior approach by experienced surgeon.

Traumabaja: Fractura de pelvis y acetabulo

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Due to posterior wall fracture, the hip is usually dislocated posteriorly, requiring immediate reduction of dislocation and surgical reconstruction after few days. Retrieved from ” https: At the site of injury: Anne Hathaway may not be logical, but there no denying that the girl got good fashion sense. pe,vis

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Antero posterior view may give clue to these injuries, Judet views and CT scan help in knowing the extent of injury. The frzcturas of the world-wide lv go shopping marketplace meltdown has resulted in banking institutions being necessary to create-off of big quantities of dollars and, therefore, they are now tightening up their funding straps. Vintage Louis Vuitton, the luxurious items company currently unveiled purse collections which had been developed by the new Classic Louis Vuitton designer Emma Hill.