social acceptance. Geolocation and earth observation data are playing an important role in digitisation. Wherever relevant, applicants are. F.R. 10 Ger.F.R. 1) and s. 32 of the Farmers’ Sickness Insurance Act of 10 Aug. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley. Notification of the consolidated. Filtered by: Tema: Seguridad social. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley. Second Act amending the Third Book of the Social Code and other laws (Zweites SGB.

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Numerous amendments; numerous consequential amendments to various social security laws. Makes several amendments to the fifth book seguricad the Social Code with regard to dental services. Provides for income equalisation payments to family farms. Act to amend the Federal Act on social assistance to war victims.

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Amends provisions of the Promotion of Vocational Training Act relating to time limits and extensions of benefits. Act on benefits for asylum-seekers and Social Courts Act. Pension value in the East region will be gradually adjusted to the pension value applicable in the West.

An Act to secure and improve the structure of the Statutory Sickness Insurance. Alemania – Seguridad social – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Order of 7 December on the assignment and composition of insurance identification numbers. Notification of the consolidated text of the Federal Social Assistance Act.


Federal Act concerning employment protection for men conscripted into military service. Makes numerous amendments to the Fifth Book of the Social Assistance Code dealing with health insurance. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Federal Act to improve a firm’s provision for old age.

An act to establish a medical benefits scheme, and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto. Amendment to the Regulation skcial the Pension Insurance’s contribution scheme Article 8.

Amends provisions of the Sixth Book of the Social Code relating to, inter alia, mandatory insurance, pensions due to disability, and the calculation of contributions to social security funds. Amendment to the Doctors’ Regulation. Entry into Force, Expiration.

V Suiza entre cuentas bancarias y beneficios sociales – SWI

Scial of a separate branch of social security covering long-term nursing care. Act on improving the situation of persons receiving survivors’ benefit. Medical Benefits Act, No. Scaffolding craft Part 4.


Amendment to the Works Constitution Act Article 7. Amendment to the Fifth Book of Social Seguridar Also amends sixth book of the Social Code. Annuities Branch Benefits Regulations.

Transmission and processing of electronic data in the social security Title 1. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Act regulating social security aspects of seguridqd payment of unemployment benefit. Makes subsequent amendments to numerous other laws. Seeguridad collective bargaining pension agreement higher level of care and acceptance among employees might be achieved.


Sets forth criteria determining which pension funds are to be viewed as economically significant for the purposes of the Insurance Regulation Act Amends ft10 4 by inserting a new sub-regulation 4 concerning increasing pensions. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Loi modificatrice sur la promotion de l’emploi et l’assurance-pensions. The Act also amends s. Working in health insurance Chapter Seven: As there exists great freedom in how to arrange an agreement concerning this provision for old age, the Act sets out only a few basic indispensable regulations to improve the provision for old age.

Third Act to improve the right to vote in social security matters and to amend other Acts.

Specifies the amount of compensation, additional payments required on the part dr10 the employer, the method of calculating wages, distribution of compensation in the event of death, procedures for medical examination, and compensation for occupational disease.