The forms are provided by Sciences Po (ETUD, CERFA, ETR) and must be ETR – Formulaire de renseignement pour une demande de carte de séjour (PDF in. eurent a foiblesse de céder::plusieurs souscrivitent~ le nouveau Formulaire) sans être persuadés de l’erreur: la honte d’avoue: qu’ils s’étoient trompés, etr. les conjoints de ressortissants étrangers dans le cadre du regroupement familial. les étudiants, taxe selon la catégorie de VLS-TS? Formulaires et liens utiles.

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If the applicant has received no reply within two months, they may should consider their application refused. Quick links Student account University calendar Administrative registration Course registration. Which documents are required?

Throughout the year, the Sciences Po residence permit office is available to answer your questions and help you complete the necessary paperwork for each phase of your stay rormulaire France.

If you want to travel outside the Schengen Area, you need to find out the conditions of entry to your destination beforehand. The issuance of this type of visa is subject to authorisation from the prefecture with jurisdiction in the relevant territory.

Monday to Wednesday, 9. Make sure you respect the specified date and time. You have to pay a tax and a stamp duty with ordinary fiscal stamps fr.

Protection sociale à l’étranger

Home Living Renewing your residence permit. The re-entry visa is issued on an exceptional basis, chiefly mainly in the following circumstances:. From May to October: You are allowed travel within the Schengen Area for a period of less than 90 days and come back to France with the receipt for a renewal application. If you lose your passport or residence permit If your passport or residence permit is lost or stolen, you should report to the nearest police station as soon as possible to make a declaration.


At a later date, you will receive a text message inviting you to collect your definitive residence permit PDF, 80 Ko card from the prefecture.

Please note that we won’t do any photocopying for you, so you must bring photocopies of all your supporting documents with etrr.

Renewing your residence permit Throughout the year, the Sciences Po residence permit office is available to answer your questions and formulaite you complete the necessary paperwork for ehr phase of your stay in France.

Please note that if you have already begun the process at the prefecture, Sciences Po cannot take over. Forms to be completed in black pen: We will then be able to help you apply for a new residence permit through the standard renewal procedure.

You must submit your application for a temporary residence permit directly to the prefecture before your student residence permit expires. If you are unable to renew fotmulaire residence permit formullaire you leave, you will need to apply for a new student visa at the embassy or consulate of the country you are staying in.

Holders of an expired residence permit must apply for a new student visa fr. Next you must apply for a new passport at your embassy. The cost of renewing your residence permit will be indicated on the official notice of appointment from the prefecture, which we will send you by e-mail as soon as we receive it.

For the period covered by your APS, you are permitted to work in a job related to your study programme not limited to a single job or a single employerwhich pays at least 1. You will be asked for proof of payment of the stamp duty and tax when the card is issued by the prefecture or sub-prefecture.


The prefecture takes at least three weeks to process your application. In that case you will have to apply for a new student visa in the country you are living in or your country of origin.

Your employer must make a prior declaration to the prefecture that issued your residence permit. More about Students Apply for a visa and residence permit To study in France, you must comply with all French entry and residence requirements Find out more. You will be given a receipt indicating the date you submitted your application at Sciences Po. How do I renew my student residence permit?

If you fail to comply with this procedure, you will have to apply for a new visa in your country of origin. Sciences Po will give you one when you come to submit your application.

Protection sociale à l’étranger | | Assuré

List of supporting documents PDF, Ko. The validity of your student residence permit cannot exceed the duration of your studies or the validity of your passport. The eEmbassy cannot guarantee the processing times for a re-entry visa.

Sciences Po will help you do this, and will then take care of sending your complete application to the prefecture photocopies only.

However, the receipt for your initial application does not allow you to travel outside France.

You need to complete your request for renewal two to three months before your residence permit expires, or one to two months before going abroad. If your passport or residence permit is lost or stolen, you should report to the nearest police station as soon as possible to make formilaire declaration.