FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers, 10 Cleaning Cards, 10 Cleaning Pads, 10 cleaning tapes, full instructions. FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers, DTC/ Dual hopper; PVC cards “); auto or manual feed. HID GLOBAL, HID, the HID logo, FARGO, and iCLASS, are .. installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause.

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Adjust the Flipper Offset as needed if the card is not feeding into the E- card Docking Station properly. When the card grid is first activated, a small black square will appear at its: Page 82 Page 83 – Resolving the incomplete Resin Printing Be sure to push down on the cartridge until it clicks into place. In this case, rotate the adjustment knob counter-clockwise. Change the setting on the small increments. To do this, pull out on the Securing Tab located on the bottom of the Printer, and slide the Card Output Hopper completely out of the Printer.

If the Headlift Sensor is failing, replace it. Each Firmware type has a different update process. Select Encoder Angle Change the setting on small increments. The Printer will feed, encode, fqrgo eject a card. Ethernet Interface Adapter Windows only. This Sensor is not used if applying Thermal Transfer Film overlaminate. Using a Phillips screw driver, insert each of the four 4 screws into the Baseplate, and tighten the screws to dtx515 the Printer to the Lamination Module’s Baseplate.

This allows defined areas to be created. Re-install the printing supplies. Are you sure you want to continue?


Printing Process Errors Repair the Ribbon. Note that the card grid lines are spaced at.

Fargo DTC Thermal Printer Manual & User Guide – Fixya

Resolving an Upgrade Failed error continued See the previous procedure in this section. Extra Card Cleaning Cartridge fully assembled with tape for easy loading.

Replacing The Main Board d Note: See the Updating the Printer’s Firmware on page Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan see the Image Color tab window, shown below. Reboot the Printer after it has completed the process.

Remove ,anual Top Cover. The self-test print will begin as soon as the test image is processed. Replace the Main Board. Open the program and type in: Use the Image Position controls to adjust the position of the overall print area to be precisely centered on a card. Loading The Overlaminate The supply end of the overlaminate roll is the side containing the fresh, unused portion of the overlaminate. Resolving the incorrect Image Darkness problems continued See previous procedure in this section.

FARGO Electronics DTC500 Series Troubleshooting Manual

In this mode, the overlay is completely disabled; so it will not be applied. See Using the Image Position button on page Step Procedure Adjust the Image Position values by clicking on the Vertical and Horizontal adjustment arrows, as shown below.

If this message is received, try updating the Firmware again. Updating the Main Firmware continued See the previous procedure in this section. If the test print looks good and dhc515 consistent with the overall position of the test print printed with the old Printhead, the Printhead installation is complete.

See the Replacing the Headlift Sensor A in the next two pages.


Insert cards neatly stacked. Some card types have very low heat resistance and may not be acceptable for laminating. In the card grid, black indicates the area in which the resin black K panel will be printed. Change all the margin settings to zero 0 and click on OK. Be extremely careful not to let any alcohol drip inside the Printer! Change the Prox Setting from None janual Installed. Rotate the Printhead Assembly out from the retaining hooks on the sides of the Printhead Arm Assembly.

Replacing The Main Board d Along the left edge of the circuit board, remove the two 2 mounting screws at the middle and lower section. Setting The Print Eof Trailing edge. Lift the cover off of the Printer. Don’t show me this message again. As an alternative to replacing the Main Print Board, the chip U2 can be replaced.

Resolving The Headlift Error Message If the head cycles but does not stop at the position every time, check the Headlift Sensor as described in Sensor Testing on page Using The Magnetic Track Selection Option After making the required selection, the Magnetic Track fargp box displays the current set of customization options for the selected track.

Confirm that the cooling fan above the Printhead is operating properly. This option is helpful if, to omit the overlay or printing around a card’s smart chip or Magnetic Stripe. Make certain the overlaminate material is fed from beneath the roll as shown.