Originally published in , Hjortsberg’s debut mystery was the basis for the film Angel Heart. (July). In , Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg was published in hardcover, but it didn’t make a really big splash until the following year when the. Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg (): Damned Damned Damned. Where do you search for a guy who was never there to begin with?.

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To make matters worse, the big reveal all but given away by the time you finish the first chapter – angfl THAT predictable was not convincing willim its presentation. Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg. There is almost nothing overtly supernatural in this book, except perhaps in the last chapter, and even that is a little vague.

The ending was satisfying and makes me want to read more from Hjortsberg. When the attorney Herman Winesap calls him and says he has a job for him, Harry has no idea that he is about to descend into the darkest, most terrifying case of his career.

Falling Angel – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The cognac slid like velvet fire across my tongue. Falling Angel is set in the 50s.

Cruelty comes easily to you, yet you find it inconceivable that you are so gifted at hurting others. On the other hand, the movie won on keeping the big secret longer. After probably twenty years or so, I decided to pick this up and read it again. When his fellowsh William Hjortsberg was an acclaimed author of novels and screenplays. Hjortsberg, on his website, talks about why he sat the novel in Having read the book before and after the movie was released, I can say that it is hjortsebrg good adaptation.

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I’m a huge fan of noir crime fiction, and someone recommended this book as one I’d like in that genre. One of the witnesses he consults is a socialite astrologer. Glad I still have a copy of this book and never lent it out. Ridley Scott Foreword by.

The book is an enjoyable read if you saw the film awhile back. Detective Harry Angel is hired by an unusual, wealthy client to hunt down a long-missing man who was admitted to a treatment facility years ago for war injuries and complete memory loss.

As a horror fan, I am mildly disappointed in Falling Angelit is not fantastical enough for my taste, though it is not too shabby. It seems that Favorite was a practitioner of the dark arts and supposedly conjured up the devil during a Black Mass. Louis Cyphre is a very cool and intriguing antagonist, I have not seen the Angel Heartthe movie adaptation of this book, but I can imagine De Niro is great in the role. Harry takes the case and inevitably will find a major mystery on his hands.

Twenty-five years later, I read the novel that would become that movie. Harry Angel, private investigator, is working the gumshoe trade in Manhattan, Sucker private eye Harry Angel should have brushed up on his basic satanist symbolism as his “client” Louis Cypher get it? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Favorite was busted up pretty bad in the war. Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Because my friend Marc has been hounding me to read it for a couple of years now. Guard this treasure well. Yeah, I didn’t either. Like most, I was made aware of this book through “Angel Heart. For my review of this book, please click here still on Goodreads but different edition of the book!

The book wins with getting further into the story and the details, longer interviews and other stops that were omitted from the film, and a sense of urgency. I haven’t seen the movie in many, many years so I didn’t want to get into a compare-and-contrast thing, but I will say New Orleans figures not at all in the novel.


With only a few leads, he’s off.

FALLING ANGEL by William Hjortsberg | Kirkus Reviews

It seems that Mr. Plus, Hjortsberg wrote the script for “Legend”. Falling Angel tells the story of Harry Angel: See Johnny “owes” something to the not so enigmatic Mr. I remember liking the movie and was disappointed that I didn’t like the book as well.

William Hjortsberg ‘Falling Angel’ Review

I’ve been told so much about this book, I guess I was feeling a bit let down. Inprivate investigator Harry Angel is hired to locate him on behalf of a mysterious client who calls himself Louis Cyphre. Being a fan of the twisted supernatural story-line meets hard boiled detective, I instantly purchased it.

Mickey Rourke, before he decided to let boxing mangle his face, plays Angel. Be the first to discover new talent!

Posted by Will Errickson at 4: View all 3 comments. Hardcoverlimited Editionpages. May 17, Bill rated it really liked it Shelves: William Hjortsberg’s Falling Angel was the basis for the movie Angel Heartand, Mickey Rourke notwithstanding, it’s a mighty fine adaptation.

Johnny Favorite, a popular crooner before and during the Second World War, has not been seen or heard of since he was critically wounded during a Luftwaffe raid on Allied forces in Tunisia. What puts this novel in the dark fiction category falliny the voodoo and Satanic worship which both play a role in the plot.