The FAA prefers users to file ICAO format flight plans for all flights. Use FAA Form – Information needed when filing this form is. Please note that some of the Adobe PDF forms are not fillable, while others can only Flight Plan; Pre-Flight Pilot Checklist and. this form will be included in a Privacy Act System of Records known as DOT/FAA , titled “Aviation Records on Individuals” and will FAA Form (7/15).

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Flight Plans: Don’t Leave Home Without One

These aids are depicted on enroute high altitude charts. Therefore, at any dorm the average true airspeed at cruising altitude between reporting points varies or is expected to vary from that given in the flight plan by plus or minus 5 percent, or 10 knots, whichever is greater, ATC should be advised.

In this case the pilot will hold according to the depicted pattern. Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System. You normally do this through the FSS that serves your departure airport, but if communication difficulties prevent this, call another FSS. Only those navigational aids established for use in a particular structure; i.

ICAO Flight Plans and FAA Form

The information 723-4 to the destination FSS will consist only of flight plan blocks 2, 3, 9, and The AIM in sectionstates: NOTE- Use of identifier codes will expedite the processing of your flight plan.

FDC information concerning conditions that are more than miles from the FSS, or that is already published, is given to a pilot only on request. This publication contains two sections. Practice maintaining a good course-keep the needle centered. Heavy aircraft, add prefix “H” to aircraft type; example: The filer is normally responsible for providing the information required in Items 3 through Be aware that as of November 15,the appropriate equipment suffixes for FAA Form have changed.

This might cause the flight plan to be rejected in some cases.

  158 PDF

The filing of a flight plan, always good practice, takes on added significance for extended flights outside U. Runway Lead-in Light System. Enter the requested en route altitude or flight level.

Pilots should remember that there is a need to continuously guard the VHF emergency frequency If the pilot desires to continue the IFR flight plan beyond the clearance limit, the pilot should contact ATC at least 5 minutes prior to the clearance limit and request further IFR clearance.

National Airspace System, Section 2. Prior to conducting a briefing, briefers are required to have the background information listed above so that they may tailor the briefing to the needs of the proposed flight.

In each case, knowledge of the aircraft’s transponder equipment is necessary in determining whether or not such computer tapes might prove effective. AIM g states: Filing a flight plan won’t necessarily prevent an accident, but it can save your life if an accident happens.

For procedures requiring GPS, if the navigation system does not automatically alert the flight crew fom a loss of GPS, the operator must develop procedures to verify correct GPS operation. Terminal Radar Service Area. Data is included in this publication to reduce congestion on the telecommunications circuits and, therefore, is not available via Service A.

Currently you can use two types of flight plans to file for your IFR flight: Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service.

Personnel and Equipment Working. Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station. Do not depend on your eyes alone to avoid rising unlighted terrain, or even lighted fas such fofm TV towers.

Filers desiring assignment of these procedures should file using FAA Formas described in this section. These areas of airspace are expressed in terms of cylindrical service volumes of specified dimensions called “class faa or “categories. Enter your true airspeed TAS. Under some circumstances, ATC computer tapes can be useful in constructing the radar history of a downed or crashed aircraft. Enter the total number of persons on board including crew. You can close flight plans at any time. Occasionally, unique information is included in this section when it will contribute to flight safety.


Instrument flight plans may be submitted to the nearest FSS or ATCT either in person or by telephone or by radio if no other means are available. Visual Approach Slope Indicator.

Operators may satisfy the predictive RAIM requirement through any forrm of the following methods: Runway Centerline Light System. If the transition is made at an unnamed intersection, show the next succeeding NAVAID or named intersection on the intended route and the complete route from that point. Pilots planning IFR flights to airports located in mountainous terrain are cautioned to consider the necessity for an alternate airport even when the forecast dorm conditions would technically relieve them from the requirement to file one.

Insert name of pilot-in-command. Enter your complete aircraft identification including the prefix “N” if applicable. Low Intensity Runway Edge Lights. Such contacts permit significant information to be passed to the transition aircraft and also serve to check the progress of the flight should it be necessary for any reason to locate the aircraft. NOTAM data may not always be current due to the changeable nature of national airspace system components, delays inherent in processing information, and occasional temporary outages of the U.

IFR Flight Plans We all know that when you fly an IFR flight you must have a flight plan in the system, and 72333-4 must have been issued a clearance before you enter controlled airspace.

The FAA assumes no responsibility for any delays in advising customs if the flight plan is given too late for delivery to customs before arrival of the aircraft.