Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy – The Power Of Time (Encyclopedia Arcane, ) [Robin Duke, Larry Elmore] on *FREE* shipping on . Game: Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy Publisher: Mongoose Publishing Series: d20 Reviewer: Wyrdmaster Review Dated: 8th, August. There’s actually two prestige classes in “The Power of Time” (these mini titles really do build up: Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy: The Power of Time) and.

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The Feats build upon one another, as they should to make growth potential for your character. To its credit, Chronomancy recognizes this fact and pushes that envelope as much as it can and tries to make the concept as compelling as possible while still dealing with the issues associated with time travel in a non-deterministic game.

Fantasy on the High Seas. The Power of Time offers up a fairly decent range of chronomatic based spells. In some places, the writing style is not up to the task of handling the confusing topic of time travel, and there are some other confusing passages as well. There are two prestige classes concerned with chronomancy.

Encyclopaedia Arcane – Chronomancy

The credits explain it all: First off, when an object or creature is pulled from the continuum, it essentially isn? This Encyclopaedia Arcane is a really good book though and there is more than enough in it to please even the most picky player or GM.

Tuesday, 26th March, The book succeeds in that it presents an entirely workable system that is both GM and player friendly in a professional and clear way. I actually think Chronomancy gets the balance right. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?


These two issues are addressed as well. Too much complicity will just kill off a game. The artwork scatted around the book is your typical pencil sketch. Once you open the door on chronomancy and allow its power to flow into your soul, there can be no turning back. Results 1 to 7 of 7.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy

Indeed, the system couldn? It is in this introductory section of basic Chronomancer abilities that the Time Magic score is introduced. Those who delve into the secrets of the continuum are often shunned and feared, but for them, the reward is above any petty risk.

There are various types of paradox. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The next section is called the Acolytes of Time and deals with the actual mechanics of a chronomancer character. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Inside you will find Chronomancy – An overview: The art is sort of hum-drum for books in this series. These ignorant fools take the sacred name of chronomancy in vain, having no idea of the forces they could unleash with their meddling.

Mongoose excels at developing good feats to fit the classes they create. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. As Chronomancers increase in power and experience they start to develop increasingly worrying quirks.

Encyclopaedia Arcane

Cover Art — Larry Elmore. A couple of feats synonymous to the class are listed such as Time Sense and Resist Paradox. The Paradox of Power: The enlightened gives up all spellcasting in exchange for chronomzncy number of chronomancy-related special abilities.

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Which product line did you think I was talking about? I thought to myself. Mind you, the book also says that players arcan tell their GMs in advance they intend to take the Chronomancer Feat may be able to work with the GM to bring that into the game as a plot strand.

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The artwork of the book is in keeping with the genre. Conclusion I am not a big fan of the idea of time travel in fantasy games. I said in the introduction there was no escaping it another irony? Not a good buy as far as I’m concnerned. Get to Know Us. It could have been the one and only chronomantic resource a GM could want. The credits explain it all: And with any publication of Magic, there are magic items to be had, staves, robes, and crystal balls, of course, along with unique things like Temporal Orbus as well as magic foci.

This is sort of an in-game explanation for why fortunes are often cryptic. Time isn’t a four dimension space, but a one dimension, it is considered the fourth because it has only encyclopaedis been considered a dimension, for what it is worth, you could as well consider it as encyclopaedoa first. Chrojomancy like Detect Paradox and Banish to Future are typical of this. Since time has no meaning, the chronomancer can pull things from the future or past.

If you are seeking a change from the same ole, same ole, this could be it for you. Arcaane power and use of cchronomancy are then discussed with its effects on the person of the chronomancer in the form of quirks. These two issues are addressed as well.