One Drive, Any Power, Any Motor. The Unidrive SP is a universal AC and Servo drive with ratings from to 2,hp. No. String, Cause of trip. 1, UU, DC link under voltage. Under voltage trip and restart levels are as follows: Drive voltage rating UU trip level UU restart level. Unidrive SP AC Drive from Emerson/Control Techniques is a complete drive automation range that covers the power spectrum from to 2, hp. All drives .

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Call us now on to enquire about a refurbished Unidrive SP. The AC modules are easy to install and commission and can be applied in a wide range of applications. Servo mode phasing failure because the phasing angle Check the destination of the speed reference at 7.

Control Techniques Emerson Unidrive SP SP | eBay

Fast turnarounds are usually no problem! You will only need to close the enable signal if it is set to pad. The drive will now accept a decimal value from 0 to at 6. This trip does not stop the data transfer, but is a warning that the data for the option modules that are different will be set to the default values and not the values from the card.

The drive stores the codes of the modules fitted when the drive parameters are saved. This trip indicates that the power was removed when parameters were being saved which resulted in an error in a user save parameter bank. DC link under voltage. EnDat encoder – The number of encoder turns read from the encoder during auto-configuration is not a power of 2 Enc14 Drive encoder trip: When the drive is in the terminal mode the following sequence occurs under default conditions: The Unidrive SPM Modular AC power modules provide the same advanced control feature set as our Panel Mount AC drives but with additional power system flexibility; the AC drives may be arranged to provide a common DC bus system with or without an active front end regenerative, 4 quadrant operation.

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Hiperface encoder – The encoder type could not be identified during auto-configuration Enc13 Drive encoder trip: All drives share the same flexible control interface regardless of the power rating. This occurs when DC link over voltage.

P Power module rectifier over temperature OIbr. Drives are packaged in three formats: This trip indicates that the power was removed when parameters were being saved which resulted in an error in a power down save parameter bank. Very high current motors may be controlled using a multi-drive modular arrangement. An attempt has been made to access a SMART card, but a card is not present or communications failure has occurred between the drive and the card.

This trip also applies if a compare is attempted between the data block and the drive.

Drive encoder commutation signals connected incorrectly, or measured inertia out of range, or motor was rotating when the minimal movement phasing test started see Hiperface encoder – The encoder type could emeron be identified during auto-configuration. HF Option module in slot 2: Variables and function block calls using more than the allowed RAM space stack overflow.


Control Techniques Emerson Unidrive SP SP2402

Typ This trip is produced during a compare if the drive mode in the data block is different from the current drive mode and the file is a parameter or defaults differences file.

The drive will revert back to the user save parameters that were last saved successfully. Emetson use a DC Motor?

Check the following parameters:. The Unidrive SP defaults to positive logic.

Unidrive SP Error and Trip codes

CtL Drive over-heat based on control board temperature see An attempt has been made to transfer a data block from a SMART card to the drive or to compare a SMART card data block and the checksum is incorrect or the data structure on the card is incorrect. This trip only occurs if the compare has not already failed with the following trips: The module has detected an error and tripped the drive.

Er Power down save parameters are saved during power down and can be saved when user parameters are saved. The speed reference will come in on an analog input if you choose a terminal code.