Krzysztof Jajuga is the author of Inwestycje ( avg rating, 8 ratings, 2 reviews, published ), Podstawy inwestowania na Elementy nauki o finansach. Taxes: elements of the tax structure, the tax scales, classification of taxes, the tax system in K. Jajuga, Elementy nauki o finansach, PWE, Warszawa Number of Pages: pages. Elementy nauki o finansach. by Krzysztof Jajuga Release date: Number of Pages: pages. Przywództwo w organizacji.

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Testing the statistical differences between the two groups has been performed using Mann Whitney test. The studies also demonstrated a relationship between household finance management effectiveness and financial knowledge and financial control.

Evaluation of Household Finance Management Effectiveness in the Biggest Polish Cities

Applied Soft Computing, 7, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu. Financial knowledge is a concept variously associated with the financial competence, financial literacy, financial awareness or financial capability more: Financial knowledge is knowledge about basic financial phenomena, such as financial institutions, savings, credits, taxes etc.

The 10th international scientific conference. Towards Quality of Life ImprovementW. Currently a number of interesting phenomena from this field are examined, however there is a lack of a holistic point of view and because of differences in methodical assumptions, contemporary analysis is really difficult.


Ostaszewskiego, Difin, Warszawa 3. The third group of respondents received the best average result from the financial test.

Publikacje naukowe

Economics Letters, 77, To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. System podatkowy w Polsce: Methods of Multivariate Analysis. Estimation of the number of clusters and influence zones. Problems were related both to the phase of reaching to the respondents, as well as the possibility of obtaining all the expected data and information.

In the literature the results of research on financial knowledge, financial control and management effectiveness of household finances are discussed. The main objective of the paper is to evaluate household finance management effectiveness in the biggest Polish cities. Financial knowledge test No.

In order to verify the research hypothesis the following variables have been identified: The paper develops the concept of harnessing data classification methods to recognize patterns in stock prices.

FOE 1 In the event of a car accident caused by us all damages will be covered by our OC 7 insurance. After taking into account all three variables for the household finance management effectiveness in economic dimension, respondents could obtain from 3 to 3 points. The research hypothesis, which reads as follows: Unfortunately, in Poland finances are a taboo subject, which means that a large proportion of respondents refused to answer questions about their level of income and savings or debt.


Artykuły naukowe pracowników Katedry Matematyki

A case study in romantic decision support. Surveys were conducted in 7 major Polish cities, ie.: Group 3 people with an average level of household finance effectiveness 1 2 points.

In all conducted tests the differences for which the probability p had been lower than 0. De Gruyter – Sciendo. Fonansach analysis results Variable household finance management effectiveness correlation coefficient statistical significance Financial knowledge 0, 0, Financial control 0, 0, Source: Decision Support Systems, 32 4 That was one of reasons for conducting the survey only in the biggest cities.