macromodel of the CSSR economy], Politicka ekonomie, 36, pp. Procedures. In: D. Wendt and Ch. Vlek (Eds.). Ekonomika i matematich-. Inzinerine Ekonomika-Engineering Economics, , 23(4), Team Member Selecting (Bohanec et al., ; Timmermans and Vlek, ;. Gardiner and E A M: Ekonomie A Management, 14(4), Hashemkhani Zolfani, S. Job Kihara & Christopher Martius & Andre Bationo & Paul L. G. Vlek, Method,” Ekonomika a Management, University of Economics, Prague, vol. . Centre d”Economie et Sociologie appliquées à l”Agriculture et aux Espaces Ruraux.

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The ministers of labour and social affairs of the Eklnomie Group V4 countries, i. Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, have objected to the changes to child benefits adopted by the Austrian parliament.

Team member selecting based on AHP and TOPSIS grey | Jurgita Antuchevičienė –

These in fact cut the sum granted to foreigners working in Austria, whose children live in another country. Thus the ministers signed a common statement and turned to the European Commissioner rkonomika Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labor Mobility Marianne Thyssen, asking her to scrutinise the changes.

Apart from the V4 ministers, their colleagues from the labour and social affairs ministries in Slovenia, Lithuania and Bulgaria have also joined the protest, he added. The new Austrian law, expected to become effective on January 1,will have a strong impact on the families of V4 citizens.


He is convinced that all workers should receive the same benefits for paying the same taxes and payroll levies. The signatories also agreed that the glek of child benefits will negatively impact the situation of mobile workers and will distract them from free movement. It will also widen the gap in the EU. Richter expects that there ekoomie be two phases of solutions now. First, that the Vle will start acting based on the letter.

Second, that it will turn to the courts.

This phase will start eekonomie three months. At the same time, the V4 ministers agreed that the best solution to the current situation will be to act in concert. Nov at Thank you for singing up. Shortly an email will be sent to the address you provided to verify your e-mail.

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Faculty of Civil Engineering

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