Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra (Mythic Vistas) [C. A. Suleiman, Steve Kenson , Ari Marmell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Towering. Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra, Green Ronin, Mythic Vistas, World of Freeport , and their associated logos are trademarks of Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. Game: Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra Publisher: Green Ronin Series: d20 Reviewer: Wyrdmaster Review Dated: 10th, July

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Add to Watch list Watching. If you select this feat, your next egyptiah must be Touch of the Divine, or you are forever after prevented from taking that feat. Magic for more on spellcasting in the Egyptian Adventures: In addition, this spark of divinity awakens a number of magical talents. The gods walked freely among their mortal worshippers. Therefore, the GM should feel free to alter the details given in this chapter as needed to suit the campaign. In addition, at each such interval, the bonus against any one favored enemy including the one just selected, if so desired increases by 2.

The Book of Law is here to help the GM. The bahati is vulnerable to attacks while in the trance, but heals normally. Too long they had been forced to accept crumbs from the table of their prosperity, and soon there would be a change — a great change.

I will email him to see if he can get online and maybe post some thoughts on it. In Khemti, this means that adventjres are not normally required for spellcasting. A character skilled in the knowledge of dreams may interpret these omens.


Their fundamental duality and adherence to the cycles adventurez life guide them toward being lawful neutral, true neutral or chaotic neutral. A handful of formal academies exist, such as the fabled War College of Tjekut, but by and large one ebyptian either trained as part of an organized military or self-taught from day one. At each new kheri-heb level, she gains two new spells of any spell level or levels that she can cast based on her new kheri-heb level for her record. At 10th level, her unarmed attacks are also treated as lawful weapons for the adventuures of dealing damage to hamunxptra with damage reduction.

This would not have been surprising, had the stele not spoken to them. Mouse over to zoom – Click to enlarge. THere’s nothing amazingly revolutionary about it, but I did find it enjoyable and a great read. One who has not given the people any reason to consider him hostile is respected, often even liked.

Take a look at our Returning an item help page for more details.

Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra (Mythic Vistas)

The Humans were a created by many of the gods working together and this is a nice way to explain why mankind is so widespread. In the depths of Desheret lie the broken ruins of Old Kingdom cities, razed by the Eye of Ra, scoured by the desert sands and lost to the sight of mortals.

Loyal members of the cult of Amun saw his body moved to a secret, hidden tomb to prevent it avdentures violation by robbers or fanatics. Most are opportunists, many are criminals, and thus, very hamubaptra are of lawful alignment. When determining whether a multiclass half-elf takes an experience point penalty, his highest-level class does not count. Isis created the elves. This is a great product that details and adapts all the classes, and races from the PHB.


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Advenyures elements they share with the kheri-heb can lead to equal amounts of cooperation and rivalry.

The Cataclysm so changed the world that the Khemtians now date everything in the New Kingdom from its end. This feat is useful in the desert, or in other sandy environments. It’s not what I really want in an ancient Egypt RPG setting, but I’m admittedly biased since I want more historical flavor and less fantasy.

Obesity is extremely rare, and is typically viewed as a sign of laziness or excess. Sitra, however, was feared hamuaptra Neferet had been loved and respected, and the ruthless queen did not egyptia to yield her power once she had it in her grasp.

Hekai are almost universally striking in appearance, glorious to behold and possessed of a manner or mien that captivates and often shames the ordinary.

I’m not much of a crunch fan, so I really can’t comment on the quality of the feats, spells, and such, but I’m guessing they serve their purpose. Spells in the PHB.