This academic pamphlet from Donna Haraway describes dog writing as “a branch of feminist theory, or the other way around.”. Buy The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People and Significant Otherness (Paradigm) 2nd ed. by Donna J Haraway (ISBN: ) from. The Companion Species Manifesto has ratings and 36 reviews. In all their historical complexity, Donna Haraway tells us, dogs matter. They are not just.

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The unemphasized but more interesting—because more generally applicable—sections of the work have to do with dog love and approaches to dog training. Harraway introduces several ideas about the ways humans and dogs interact, while including the usual philosophical and historical background to help situate donha relationship in the larger world.

We are not one, and being depends on getting on together. Perhaps half as many more also serve as laying hens for egg production. I think there were some good ideas, but they were executed poorly. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. She fears those who claim to speak for God or like gods with certainty about right and wrong, of absolute truths and essential natures.

Jan 08, Michelle Taylor added it. This love is a historical aberration and a naturalcultural legacy The animals and humans interact within curious sets of relationships. Haraway is a titan of feminist studies of science and technology but did you also know that she’s a crazy dog compabion Once a Catholic, always, even in the cassock of a postmodern feminist-socialist, scientist-philosopher.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Harraway undergoes an exploration of Being with — Being with dogs as companion species. This seems to be a better point to prioritize: God-talk blinds us to these realities. Companion species are not just family pets, but commodities and goods in a sprawling economic system. Following the ideas of Vicki Hearne, Haraway endorses the idea that “dogs obtain ‘rights’ in specific humans.


Books by Donna J. Partners in the crime of human evolution, they are in the garden from the get-go, wily as Coyote. Also, she frequently jumps from one thing to another without fully developing certain topics.

Spevies, some more than others, like to learn and like to play. If you, like me, don’t think of your dog as a “furbaby,” and you also cannot conceive of seriously calling yourself a “dog mom” or “dog dad,” and you happen to be able to comprehend critical theory from time to time without wanting to throw the work across the room, then read this book.

The domestication of animals is, within this analysis, a kind of original sin separating human beings from nature, ending in atrocities like the meat-industrial complex of transnational factory farming and the frivolities of pet animals as indulged but unfree fashion accessories in a boundless commodity culture. All of this may come eonna a surprise to the postmodern socialist-feminist, scientist-philosopher and her many fans, who do not truck in God-talk or theological maniresto.

And her metaphysics, like all others, has theological content and import.

Eating Well Together: Donna Haraway’s Companion Species Manifesto

The relationship is not especially nice; it i Summary: There’s a story vompanion. The humanized Haraway also comes through in a touching chapter about her father, the late Frank Harawaya sportswriter for the Denver Post. Neither are they just an alibi for other themes; dogs are fleshly material-semiotic presences in the body of technoscience. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Indeed, we will often be overwhelmed with feelings of involuntary gratitude towards godinuniverse, especially for the food we are about to receive and eventually become. Dogs and humans have shaped and formed each other, carry records of our interactions in their genomes. She brings to bear competencies in biology and the history of science, continental philosophy, feminist and Marxist theory, structuralism, semiotics, science fiction, and popular culture.

They have been our evolutionary companion species for tens of thousands of years. We must not become complacent or self-assured. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People, and Significant Otherness, Haraway

There is logos and materiality to be sure, as these are the preconditions of science. Dec 20, Erica rated it it was ok Shelves: Neither are they just an alibi for other themes; dogs are fleshly material-semiotic presences in the body of technoscience.

We humans will have to all be a lot smarter, trained to inhabit multiple disciplines in the sciences and the humanities. All of our lived, embodied, subjective experiences are important data sets in doing science and ethics.

That knotted thing we call the body has left; it is undone. Ironically, it is in her Australian Shepherd history that she writes: