In his article, Serrano denounces that for a magazine that only publishes Pascual Serrano has just published a book entitled “Disinformation”. -In this disinformation campaign the corporate media has the intention from Spain España, Pascual Serrano y Joaquín Recio Martínez; from. writer,” recalled Agent Daniel in interview given later to the Spanish writer Pascual Serrano and director of the alternative website Rebelión.

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If you speak Spanish, the live interview is worth a look. To date, we’ve produced in less than three years, 5, texts and helped disseminate the work of Palestinian, African, Italian, Latin American, Iranian, Iraqi, Brazilian and other writers, previously unknown or limited to their own linguistic arenas.

Posted in A “free” press? A few days after this incident, thanks to the network of contacts that we all already had, Tlaxcala had more than twenty members; French, Spanish, Latin Americans, Italians, Germans, Austrians, Canadians, etc.

Europe Closes Doors to Immigration. Communication Forum Congratulates Cuban People. Tagged Chinadeath penaltyeuropean parliamentolympicspolitical hypocrisyTibet. Our trajectory since then has been ascendant.

Kelly could not explain that afternoon in the courtyard of his residence, how that plan could fail and how their attempts also ended in failure, I act like Sisyphus, he went on to say: Email required Address never made public. Notify me of new posts via email. For the sake of brevity, I’ll only quote a random example: Keiderling arrived in Venezuela in July According to Wenceslas Roces’s venerable Spanish translation.

The so-called pqscual Western press, owned by a privileged few, is based on three points. It has to be an everyday factor of articulation, clarification and mobilization. The participants highlighted the following aspects: I had just finished a long interview with Gilad Atzmon, a musician and activist ex-Jew who left Israel fifteen years ago in order to dedicate himself to the defense of the Palestinian people and desinfofmation deconstruction of Zionism from a universal position.


In exchange for money, the dominant media give their translators texts that are objectively or subjectively favorable to their corporate point of view, while alternative media nurture activist translators who generally perform the work without pay in order to distribute counter-hegemonic texts.

Found paecual translation Posted on May 19, 1 Comment. The writer, of course, must earn in order to be able to live and write, but he must by no means live and write to earn Leave a comment Posted in EconomyEnglish serrwno Tagged Dseinformationdeath penaltyeuropean parliamentolympicspolitical hypocrisyTibet. His friendship with Keiderling continued for years, to the point that the U.

In a system such as this, where everyone works in a disinterested way, pasfual not possible to establish universal quality standards, but should those be necessary, at least ten percent of the translators and revisers are professional writers.

A reflection on socialist labor.

CubaMinrex. Sitio del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Cuba

Serrank this guy good or what? Even though the changes are made in a peaceful manner, the oligarchy will take up arms. InDagoberto Valdes, counter-revolutionary element long history, organized an exhibition of political posters, sponsored by Czech and Polish officials, inspired by similar events in countries of Eastern Europe during the height of the counter.

Our trajectory since then has been ascendant. The harmfulness and danger of this ideological product lies in the fact that it is consumed daily by hundreds of millions of readers, TV viewers, radio listeners and even Internet users who are not fully aware of the problem. Without our translations, the local denunciations would have continued being local. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Americans, Arabs, seerrano German, a Russian, and I don’t remember what else.


It would be a good idea! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If you were wondering serrrano it was, Manuel Talens has summed it up perfectly.

Found in translation

Kelly Keiderling-Franz cable, page 2. It is a heavy and expensive costs, you Cubans will all go to heaven.

Email Print Facebook Twitter. Analizamosdurante a good time history of previous attempts with plastic, always using as famous referenciala Seventh Biennial.

April | | Machetera | Page 2

This is nothing new, rather something that goes way back. This site uses cookies. Maduro towards January 10, in spite of the oligarchies. In them, grouped by subject, he reviews all the aspects present in political and media life, from economy, education, racism, ecology and the Internet, to the geographic territories that have a given importance, such as Iraq, the United States, Palestine, Cuba or Venezuela, without leaving out the most sensitive affairs of our own country [Spain], such as the monarchy, security forces, the Church, or the judicial system.

However, other countries have taken similar action against the series, that despite being an animated cartoon, is for adults. Through the pages of these books, with day to day examples taken from the national and international press, the misery and decay in the discourse of a large part of the political class, and the lies and manipulation of the majority of the media, are revealed. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. It was simply an exchange of favors: