DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, FORGOTTEN REALMS, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, and the Wizards of the Coast logo are registered trademarks owned by. Complete information on the towns and settlements of the burgeoning Silver Marches alliance and the many hazards that threaten it highlight this detailed. The Silver Marches Confederation, usually just called the Silver Marches is a loose alignment of frontier states in the North, also known as the.

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In addition to the major temples, Everlund is home to shrines to Oghma, Shaundakul popular among the caravan mastersand Waukeen silvfr well. King Emerus Warcrown took control of the citadel, hanging on through the first bitter winter until six hundred shield dwarf reinforcements could march up from the south to join his forces. Important Sites Despite its size and constant level of activity, Everlund’s physical appearance is a testimony to both its founders and current leaders. Citadel Sundbarr, like Adbar to the north, was mostly subterranean, with only a few structures on the surface.

Winding for hundreds of miles in the shadow of the Nether Mountains and the Evermoors, the Rauvin marks a narrow ribbon of civilization and security in an otherwise inhospitable land. Silver Marches 3E campaign book I’m beginning my thoughts on my first 5E campaign once the books get released this summer and I wrap up my current 4E game.

Friday, 25th October,jarches The city’s growth had brought a new wave of settlement in the Rauvin Vale, and the princes of Ascalhorn found that the people living near the Rauvin’s bend marchee protection against trolls from the Evermoors and goblinoids from the Nether Mountains. The Hall of Everlasting Justice: Dd my half-assed blog you can also find silvee ideas about adapting various classic adventures to the Silver Marches.

The Silver Marches (Artist’s Print)

Most house cellars hold mushroom crops and are crammed with rodent-proof food casks; older Sundabarians remember hungry winters all too well. Perhaps emboldened by the growing rumors of war between King Obould and the cities of the North, orc raiding parties have been striking hard at southbound caravans, and the depredations of giants based in the Evermoors now depopulated of its former inhabitants, the trolls have increased to the point where caravans are taking extra guards on journeys to and from the city.

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, p. Evermoor Way begins at the Bridge Gate and winds its way southwest for hundreds of miles, passing between the Evermoors and the High Forest, north of the Dessarin Hills and offering the most direct available route to Waterdeep and the cities of the Sword Coast.


Of particular note are Christopher Moeller’s portraiture and Adam Rex’s dynamic compositions. By the vagaries of campaigns and battles, Everlund had survived the terrible onslaught of the Year of the Curse virtually unharmed, although many of its human knights and elf archers had perished in distant battles.

During the last centuries of the dwarf kingdom of Delzoun, trade from the elf realm of Illefarn sometimes passed this way, particularly when monsters or bad weather made the river-passage up the Surbrin to the Rauvin unusually difficult or dangerous.

Spells in Silver Marches – D&D Tools

Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. Since its humble beginnings as a fortified trading outpost and bridgehead on the Rauvin, the city’s population and importance have increased to the point where it is one of the most important trading cities in the Silver Marches, and the North as well.

The lords of Eaerlann agreed to share in this duty, and elves of the Forest Kingdom joined the human knights of Ascalhorn in guarding this corner of the High Forest. The area around Sundabar is occupied only by obsessed miners, howling orcs, and citizens of Sundabar who should know better. This city of merchant traders and caravan teams is one of the staunchest supporters of the league of the Silver Marches.

Notable Businesses Visitors will find over a dozen superb woodcarvers and carpentry shops around the Circle. Sorry about the double-pimping.

This double-walled, circular fortress city is famous for its miners, master smiths, and woodcarvers. Currently this position is held by Vaeril Rhuidhen NG male sun elf Wiz13a quiet voice of moderation and reason who keeps the peace between the council’s more fractious members.

The drow of Menzoberranzan threaten the fledgling realm from the depths of the earth. Everlund faces threats from all sides. The fact that nearly every single trade caravan that begins its journeys in the Marches calls at Everlund en route to other destinations brings to the city a position of considerable economic and social importance. Deadsnows is now the destination of choice for explorers seeking their fortunes in the dangerous highlands above the town.

Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Fendelben is a very successful merchant who has his eyes firmly fastened on the pursuit of wealth. The Keeper of the Bridges is the civic official charged with overseeing the city watch and the conduct of commerce in the city.


Mike Schley | Cartography Prints | The Silver Marches (Artist’s Print)

A Ruling Master of the guilds and merchants came to wield more power than the Forgemaster. Wood elves roaming the eaves of Eaerlann sometimes came here, camping in the forests along the south bank of the river, but otherwise the site was empty. The city’s peace and goodwill is due to the influence of powerful local mages and the Harpers. The interior artwork lives up to WotC’s fine reputation, and, though a few images are lacking, the varying styles give the book a dynamic feel.

In the absence of the lord of the town a prince of Ascalhorn killed fighting therethe people raised a council of six wise commanders and leaders to govern the town’s affairs until something better could be arranged.

Its inhabitants braved the rigors of frontier life, including orc hordes, wild beasts, and harsh winters. One of the new additions to the structure is a low stone wall that prevents anyone from approaching closer than 30 feet. The holy groves at Silverymoon Ford lay near where the River Rauvin was shallow, and could be forded in high summer and easily bridged to allow crossings year-round. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Silverymoon is the Gem amrches the North, a city built as a center of learning and a symbol of the greatness that once shone out of the elven capital of Myth Drannor.

Not so the giants who have replaced them. Originally Posted by Scrivener of Doom. Confederation of lords headed by Alustriel of Silverymoon Religions: For once, the popular choice turned out to be the right one.

Many hundreds of refugees from Ascalhorn flooded into the area and marcehs shelter in the town. Silver Village grew slowly into Silverymoon Town, and Silverymoon became a city in DR, when its first set of walls was &dd.

Along the Rauvin lie the farmsteads and settlements that feed Silverymoon and Everlund, and its swift cold waters carry trade from Sundabar all the way to Waterdeep. Dragondown Grotto Red Hand of Doom. Instead of pressing on to the human lands, the horde besieged their fellows inside.