During my studies, I recently stumbled upon the book Crushing the Microstakes by Nate “Blackrain79” Williams. I’m wondering if anyone has. Crushing The Microstakes aincom. Page 2. The Definitive Guide From the. #1 Winner of All Time. By. Nathan Williams. and Microstakes master Nathan “BlackRain79” from BlackRain’s groundbreaking book, Crushing the Microstakes, and an.

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How to Beat Online Poker in 2018 (Step by Step Guide)

More often than not both players won’t hit a good hand and in those cases you should ask yourself who would probably win the pot. And in that case, Zoom is also the perfect game for them. There is money to be made in all different types of poker games.

I don’t have the bankroll currently to support 10NL and I think it would not be wise to move up in stakes without being able to beat the lowest stakes. Anton Dutev rated it liked it Sep 14, I have the best results in history at these stakes. Alexandru Ciaus rated it it was amazing Aug 12, While a lot of the information could be tuned to today’s game, much of it is outdated beyond the basics. Mirca Enache It was a Turkish site.

Your graphs showing your swings are always a good reality check for me. Ccrushing don’t make fishes as they use to anymore. So right off the bat you have to adjust some of the theory to a different game.


It has definitely become obsolete ever since Zoom became popular and Stars started to suffer connectivity issues. You have to always remember that this game is ALL about the long run. Trent Mills rated it liked it Jun 12, In other words, by pure trial and error.

All the best at the tables, Nathan.

How to Beat Online Poker in (Step by Step Guide) | BlackRain79 – Micro Stakes Poker Strategy

I don’t think that these plays work at all at the 5NL level maybe they’ll work at 2NL if you’re lucky. Hi Nathan do u think its possible for someone to make 8k year variance aside playing 25nl on euro sites playing abc and puting alot of work off the tables if thay can dedicate 30 hours a week Thanks Adrian. This includes non-relevant posts to poker, pushing your news site, shilling your cryptocurrency speculations, excessive shit-posting, and continuing to post content after you’ve been specifically warned not to by the mod team.

July 8th, 5: And many players are surprised at how lengthy they can be. September 6th,7: Online Poker Player “Lorant19”. Mircea Enache 04 January.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Originally Posted by Four Dogs I’m not sure anything written about micro stakes can ever be outdated.

If his book is as good then it’s money well spent. Do you recomend it? I would think that over time players are starting to all be better and I am stuck trying to beat someone as good or better than me.


Shamrocker rated it it was amazing Feb 06, August 21st, Some of the information can be downright confusing if you’re really “brand” new to poker. Reason for this is the chances are high the limper s will still call your pre-flop raise.

Any thoughts and comments microshakes appreciated. News and features about your favorite professional poker players from around the globe.

May 15th,6: Here is the Website for those who are interested. What I wonder is that if I start play “fit or fold” post, the good regs will start to adjust. This is why Crushing the Microstakes has now helped thousands of people turn their game around at these limits.

Question about Crushing the Microstakes – Cash Games – CardsChat™

Want to Read saving…. Fo rhte micros in today’s game, there is a staple of free information for you. All blackrainn79 all, I would skip it. How to play against maniacs who seems to go all-in for no reason?

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