A Composition in raga Hamsadhwani which is in Teen taal is given here. The Composition, Alaap and the Taans are given along with bansuri. This Yaman composition for bansuri flute is composed in Dadra taal (6 beat rhythmic cycle). In the following style this composition is played. Bansuri: raag bhupali – introduction & 1st composition. The aroha (or the ascent) is sa re ga pa dha sa’. Aroha: sa re ga pa dha sa. Bhupali is a pentatonic raga.

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Thankfully, due to the internet and YouTube, many good recordings and demonstrations of the Bansuri can be seen com;ositions heard, for example http: The books will be an excellent tool for anybody who plays Indian Classical Music, regardless of instrument or experience. November 4, No Comments by Peter Westbrook.

Left click to play or right-click to download.

Because my background is also in western classical music as well as jazz and other forms, I have begun playing the Bansuri in many musical contexts. The word Bansuri is actually the conjunction of two words — Baans bamboo and Sur musical note.

Both compositions are in bansurk. Since then, while working with his own group Facing Eastworking with such musicians as Paul horn, Paul McCandless, Larry Coryell and Jack DeJohnetteand issuing six recordings under his own name, Wubbenhorst has refined his concept of world and clmpositions fusion music to include classical bbansuri chamber musics, modern jazz, fusion and new age genres. Please sign up for the Indian Flute Music mailing list so I can inform you when these books become available!

Hansadhwani Introduction Hansadhwani is a common evening melody that flr especially popular with flute players due to its relatively easy fingering. It has been said to be one of the most serene and sensual instruments to come out of India. North Indian Flute – Bansuri The North Indian bansuri, typically about 14 inches long, was traditionally used as a soprano instrument primarily for accompaniment in lighter compositions including film music.


Indian Flute Compositions | Bansuri | Raga

The vast majority of these compositions were taught to me during private lessons, and all the lessons were transcribed by me in the exact form in which they were taught to me. This book features pages of compositions that I received from my guru, the great flute master Pandit Vijay Raghav Raofrom Considering that it took me well over 1, hours to create the book, that’s a great deal. The fipple variety is usually played in folk music and is held away from the lips like a whistle.

You can download the PDF of the notes here. What I began to feel was that this beautiful instrument is very well suited composltions Indian music but also is wonderful in compositjons types of music. Hansadhwani is a common evening melody that is especially popular with flute players due to its relatively easy fingering.

Jog Lesson Kerry Kriger. The open holes allow for a great variation of expression in terms of intonation Indian music uses many microtones and also the gliding effects and other effects that imitate the voice and other instruments. The first book will teach you how to play bamboo flute, from scratch, regardless of your experience level, and will cover all the major concepts that I incorporate into my flute playing.

Regards, Denis Stergiotis” Audio Recording: An ancient musical instrument associated with cowherds and the pastoral tradition, it is intimately linked to the love story of Krishna and Radha, and is depicted in Buddhist paintings from around AD. At that time I did not know anyone who could teach bansuri nor did I know where to get a proper bansuri so I did my best imitating the effect on western flute which I have played since I was 13 years old.

Flute Compositions & Ragas

Or what if JS Bach banshri gone to India? The approach, structure and exposition of these 2 forms are quite different although there are many similarities as well and so for this discussion, it should be understood that the musical context is that of North Indian music.

Thus I am preparing the first in what I expect to be an ongoing series of books. This site has been optimized for Internet Explorer 7.

Contact us for any further detail Most people with high speed internet connection should be able to download it without problem, but if you experience trouble, I’ll post you a CD with the file on it. Other places such as Hawaii are also sources of suitable bamboo that fulfill the requirement of compositionw long sections between nodes of the bamboo.


Bansuri Learning Raga Yaman | Flute Bansuri-Official Site

So it’s a win-win situation. Get on the mailing list This was recorded on an E flute. It is said animals and humans alike would stop all their activities and enter into states of divine bliss.

Note that Shudd Ga is used on the way up and Komal Ga is used on the way down. Legend has it that years ago Lord Krishna wandered an area known as Vrindavan and mesmerized all with his Bansuri. Post navigation Paul Horn: Bach flute sonatas and find they are very beautifully rendered on the Bansuri although much practice is needed to make the correct intonation on these pieces.

Why do I have it as a PDF versus a printed book? Book Series Please sign up for the Indian Flute Music mailing list so I can inform you when these books become available! Even within North Indian music there are many varied schools and approaches taken. This much deeper tone and the great expansion of technique developed originally by Pannalal Ghosh has made the bansuri into the very well respected instrument it is today within the classical music world of North Indian music.


I have never found a functional way to convey the intricacies of Indian Classical Music notation using computer software, and thus the compositions are hand-written. We organizing Bansuri Masterclass with Rishab Prasanna.

I didn’t even know all the notes on the bansuri until after I found your site. Finding compositions for Indian Classical Music bansuuri be challenging, as very few exist online or in bookstores. I haven’t found anything else like it online.