Communion has ratings and reviews. On December 26, , at a secluded cabin in upstate New York, Whitley Strieber went siding with his wife an . If you grew up in the s, you were probably traumatized by the work of Whitley Strieber—the author whose work inspired the ultraviolent. Reading these letters, chosen by Anne Strieber from the thousands they received after publishing Communion, is a life-changing experience. Now available for.

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The ontological certainty that Strieber manages to dig out of his horrific experiences is almost something to be envied in a post-postmodern age where all our cultural narratives seem to lead to the same place: Every night that summer vacation I striieber convinced the Greys were coming for me, their saucer silently gliding across the lake as they plotted how to paralyze and abduct me. Whitley Strieber goes with his family and some friends to his holiday home in the forest.

An interviewer asked if I could recall any other unusual experiences in my past. Wolfen The Hunger Communion Hunters They — and you — will discover what is left of our way of life: Where the book lost me was in the odd discussions of ancient gods and reports of “visitors” throughout the ages, and some of the claims from the colloquy of abductees.

All this notwithstanding, Communion well represents much of the so-called abduction phenomenon and I intend to proceed to the second volume of these memoirs, Transformation. Comnunion settled back in bed. No trivia or quizzes yet. My son had discovered to his delight that the snow would fall in perfect crystalline flakes on his gloves if he stood still with his hands out. Strieber had sat in on several meetings with abductees prior to writing the book. If I had felt this supposedly true alien abduction story was in any way factual, then I would have given it five stars.

Communion: A True Story by Whitley Strieber

That being said there is a fear that they, those watching us, can reach out to to any one of us any where, anytime. Yes No Report this.


So what Strieber is able to give to the standard experience is a feeling of personal, creeping dread. Sep 07, John Wiltshire rated it did not like it Shelves: I feel like a little bit of a jerk, by calling him out like this but, I have spent a lot of time researching credible paranormal events, activities, and sightings.

I am curious if he is still being abducted? Courage and joy in the face of death. Communion was so much more than i expected.

In this way, you are somewhat of a dilettante. Nov 14, Jim Mcvean rated it it was amazing. Did they help to feed an elaborate self-delusion… or did they make him aware of something that is usually hidden but demonstrably real?

Want to Read saving….

Beyond COMMUNION: The Strange Case of Whitley Strieber

For no reason then apparent, I haddeveloped an unusual habit the previous fall. At this point you start to ask: Had to read this one because I usually seek out the ones that combine the idea of fae and religion and UFOs, and I thought this was the nuts-and-bolts aliens type of book. Strieber compares the “familiar” being he sees, whom he describes as female, to the Sumerian goddess Ishtar.

Whitley is abducted and then faces a The book is based on the experiences of Whitley Strieber, who experiences “lost time” and terrifying flashbackswhich hypnosis undertaken by Budd Hopkins later links to an alleged encounter with aliens. I thought it was interesting how a bunch of the reading I’ve done recently kind of led up shrieber this.

Communion () – IMDb

For instance, Whitley mentioned Irish Fairy Tales to describe how the ‘visitors’ may have been viewed in earlier times, Also, the visitors warned Whitley about the hole in the ozone layer, and how the UV light would suppress immune systems, and according to him, this was not known when he was inform A very thought-provoking journal of not only Whitley’s experiences, but the insights these gave him.

One day we went out to a nearby wood on a Hopkinsville Goblin hunt, and sure enough, there was one watching us from a wheat field. He says he woke up in the middle of the night with a bright orb coming through his bedroom window.


Other books in the series. He has recently made significant advances in understanding this phenomenon, and has published his new discoveries in Solving the Communion Enigma. Commuinon came, he concluded, to teach him how to time-travel. This book is at comunion frightening, haunting, mysterious, insightful but always deeply thoughtful and illuminated with a great sense of exploration led by his bold and creative mind.

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Apr 05, George K. I find myself watching this film every few years and as I do it is more rewarding each time. These stories are really spooky, I read this part late at night and then didn’t want to turn the lights off. Recently I finished it a second time. The author is also a fiction writer, so the book reads like a thriller. I knew full well that we are going to have a really rough time in the next fifty srieber.

Even further “proof” is offered when Strieber’s wife is hypnotized and basically proceeds to say she remembers very little to nothing about her husband’s alleged events as well as stating she thinks he has a mental problem.

The book is about a pair of NYPD detectives who stumble upon a secret society of ancient wolf-like creatures. Six hours later, he found srrieber suddenly awake And a riveting and uncanny and frightening one at that.

Until I sought help, I remembered only that there was a strange disturbance on October 4. Why don’t they just say “we’re here!

When I read it I was living in Austin which is where Whitley Streiber was living when he claims these events happened. A horror-happy werewolf epic!

Apr 16, Debbie Camberg rated it it was amazing. Don’t know how, but vommunion some reason it makes a whole more sense than aliens.