HERE COMES EVERYBODY. THE POWER OF ORGANIZING. WITHOUT ORGANIZATIONS. CLAY SHIRKY. ALLEN LANE an imprint of. PENGUIN BOOKS . The STREAM TONE by T. Gilling The Shallows by Nicholas Carr Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky How to Build a Computer by John Gower III Trust Me. On reading Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky and We-Think by Charles Leadbeater, Stuart Jeffries hopes that reports of the journalist’s.

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As noble as it might be, I’d rather have the shirrky analysis. His company, Hard Place Theater, staged “non-fiction theater”, theatrical collages of found documents. At least Leadbeater has the wit to qualify his byline, adding “And other people”.

This ranges from the terms in the license agreement—”Wikipedia will never sell your work”—to the rules and norms that are set for participation. For the most part, he sticks with the tech-utopian populist vision of a world where The People, unencumbered by The Elites, will only do good things, because The People are inherently good.

Hacked off

An extraordinary exploration of how technology can empower social and political organizers For the first time in history, the tools for cooperating on a global scale are not solely in the hands of governments or institutions. Overall, I think Shirky makes a compelling case for these theses.

New groups aren’t limited to the number of column-inches they can clxy, or the amount of airtime they can spare. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A dissatisfied airline passenger who spawns a national movement by taking shidky case to the web. But watching people try is always enlightening. A few thoughts that I am still chewing on include: Ethics for Journalists Richard Keeble No preview available – But they are not controversial to me!


Second, they must employ an appropriate tool for users to work together. Perhaps this is what created my dislike of this book. I love the title of this book – Here Comes Everybody – and that is exactly what is celebrated here.

Here Comes Everybody

Jun 09, Ken rated it it was amazing. Jan 29, Jakub rated it liked it. Before there was a Web, he was Vice-President of the New York chapter of the EFF, and wrote technology guides for Ziff-Davis, including a guide to email-accessible internet resources, and a guide to the culture of the internet.

But it’s not going to be pretty, lemme tell ya. Even efforts at sabotage would be corrected so long as and this is the important point users cared enough. A blog or a wiki isn’t good for just any task.

I learned about a new application called dodgeball http: Another would correct spelling errors. These aren’t people tweeting messages of importance to the world, but rather people tweeting to five or so close friends – friends who are happy to see pix of their new haircut, or to read about what they had for lunch.

Yes, the Internet makes the formation of groups trivial. I am personally always blown over by the generosity of people on the internet, and the amazing access to information that is there for sirky asking, and thoroughly enjoyed these parts of the book.

In effect, reading through books on Internet and society is like watching a multitude of really smart blind folks grope the proverbial dlay. He concedes that public pressure via the Internet could be another implementation method for special interest groups. It was published inand already so much has changed with its subject matter [social groups on the Internet] in the last four years that this book feels incomplete, and almost [ALMOST] irrelevant.


One is that the professional status of journalists is being destroyed. A good book for anyone who uses the internet – and as the title suggests – don’t we all. In the book, Shirky recounts how social tools, such as blogging software like WordPress and Twitterfile sharing platforms like Flickrand online collaboration platforms like Wikipedia, support group conversation and group action in a way that could previously only be achieved through institutions.

Both revel in the fact that new web-based social tools help single mothers looking online for social networks or pro-democracy campaigners in Zhirky.

The message would have been the same: If anyone can be a publisher, then anyone can be a journalist. We are experiencing technical ocmes. Reprinted from my website: It’s a great historical recap for someone who fell alseep in and just woke up.

Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky | : Books

Stories of the Future Present. Of particular fascination to me was the way he talked about explicit and implicit promises, and the three things you need for an organizing tool to be successful today.

Addresses questions such as: A revolution in social organization has commenced, and Clay Shirky is its brilliant chronicler. Prior to his appointment at NYU, Mr. Want to Read saving….