Abstract. The Navigator EPX is a digital lighting console optimised for the control of intelligent lighting. Its principle features are ease of use, flexibility of. Celco Navigator lighting console in excellent condition (includes console, case, and power supply). From and still works great!. Celco Navigator Lighting Desk | Sound & Vision, Performance & DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay!.

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For the present embodiment the circuit is used to control three wheels and one iris. If these update times match, processing continues. In the event the lamp is already under manual control, the depression of the switch would have the effect of removing the lamp of unit from manual control. As a result, each unit can react to the change of status of the console switches, dimmers, rotary encoders, etc.

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Back to home page Return to top. A time period of five seconds, for example, is preferable to assure that an address change has been completed on the switch device. Provisions from this controller includes commands in video format. Another control console 82 could be a director’s console, used by the lighting director during rehearsals to display data for cues other than the one currently being performed by the lamp units or to recall cues in the lamp units when the operator is away from the control console Generally, the activities of the lamp unit processor in the main sequencer loop include scanning input buffers for communications received from the console processor, the performance of checksum integrity checks on both cue data and program code in the RAM memory.

How does one sell a console that you cannot patch the dimmers on? The alternate control console 84 could be located at a position which gives a more appropriate view of the stage for certain types of performances.

Skip to main content. The command response routines issue write commands to the communication manager when the lamp command requires a lamp unit transmission of data back to the console.

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This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use. In this example, it is assumed that only the data from the cue store command is the data being operated upon. The lamp units individually determine whether the change in the rotary status of the console device requires a response in the particular lamp unit. In these prior art systems, all the cue storage of data information has been handled completely by the console processor itself, and the only data that was transmitted to the pertinent lamp units were the very detailed instructions, such as the number of pulses necessary to rotate a particular stepper motor a desired number of degrees.


In each instance in which a new identification address has been detected, the timer is restarted.

This program controls the lamps in the various switches to indicate to the operator whether the switch is in a depressed state or a released state.

This is essential as there are several encoders on the console panel.

The other lamp units of the system are assigned different console-control-channel numbers, and each unit will independently extract its own bit-data from the one hundred twenty-five byte block. Other response routines of the network state control program download program code to the lamp units, on request.

Other functions of the lamp unit involve the driving of dc servomotors to provide pan and tilt lamp movement. Broadcast messages, for example, are transmitted to the lamp units for placing them or removing them from manual control.

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The command from the network state control response routine to close the file causes the file manager program to release the pointers to the data in celck relating to the file. The control panel 84 can take many forms navigagor that it allows for direct manual control of the lamp units as well as for storing and recalling of cues for the system Other messages cause the main console to cflco the cue data and programmed console data which are stored in the lamp units and in the memory and on the disks of the main console.

The lamp state initialization script is reentered to allow resynchronization of the lamp unit with the console for the new address.

The receipt by a lamp unit of a message transmitted specifically thereto, is acknowledged by a transmission from navigagor lamp unit to the console.

And they work great. In the system address command, all consoles connected cepco the network can respond. Because the performance lighting system of the invention can accommodate upwardly of one thousand stage lights, bytes of data must be transmitted throughout the network, one bit position being representative of each lamp unit. As noted above, the nonvolatility of the memory is provided by battery RAM memory backup.

The disclosure in application Ser. By the involvement of the network state control response routine, the data received from the ceelco unit is subdivided into file records. As a result, the next lamp unit commands received by the command interpreter are encoder-change commands. A unique, operator-assigned cue number is kept in the first four bytes of each record of the cue data file, and is used as an indexer for identifying that record.

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Selected messages transmitted by the lamp units will involve the transmission of data to the console. The output of the buffer is provided to the address bus A grand master fade control provides overall fading effects for all of the system 20 lights at one time.

If a match is found between the cue number searched, and those stored, the cue data record is retrieved and returned to the command response routine. However, an actual stage performance may require several hundred of such lamp units. High performance computer-controlled lighting systems, such as disclosed in U. An invertor has the input thereof connected to the junction of resistor and capacitor In addition, the character display control program translates display data from the format used by the console system into a sequence of commands for the alpha-numeric display devices.

However, for backup and long-term or secondary storage, the console processor maintains a copy of the cue data for each lamp unit. In the event an interrupt generating event occurs, the multiprotocol controller asserts an interrupt output directed to the microprocessor Also it will be seen that with the provision of the present invention, there is a significant reduction in the processing required of the console, compared to conventional processor controlled light systems.

A checksum test is performed and identifiers in the programs are matched with the actuator configuration input noted above. In previous automated lighting systems, it has been necessary for a control processor to generate each command required for setting each parameter for every light in the system.

As a result, the main sequencer is entered in the endless loop at the position previously exited when the newly pressed switch was sensed. A script of display data for display on the alpha-numeric devices is provided to assist the operator.

This subprogram compares the value read from the switch mavigator a copy in the memory. The main sequencer loop program itself is an endlessly repeating preset cycle for activation of a variety of subprograms.