CCNP ROUTE Instructor Lab Manual. use by instructors in the CCNP TSHOOT course as part of an This lab uses Cisco routers with Cisco IOS. CCNP TSHOOT Student Lab Manual. Share? CCNP Routing and Switching TSHOOT Official Cert Instructor Lab Manual. Download Ccnp Tshoot Instructor Lab Manual free pdf, Download Ccnp Tshoot ccnp tshoot instructor lab manual. this document is exclusive property of.

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When the device restarts, do not enter the initial configuration dialog, but terminate autoinstall if prompted.

Encapsulation is set lb isl on physical interfaces but port channel 2 is set to dot1q. Because the troubleshooting reference section is lengthy, it is advisable to have students read through it prior to starting the lab to become familiar with the troubleshooting flows and commands used.

However, this command does not list the trunk ports.

To get a more detailed description of the type of inconsistency and what might be causing it, you can examine the output of the show spanning-tree inconsistentports command.

Review trouble ticket Lab TT-B. If yes, describe their function.

Device Actions and Results All contents are Copyright? You will review and fill out the provided documentation as you evaluate the network.

CCNP TSHOOT 6.0 Student Lab Manual

Fill in the correct device and interface designators in the following Device Links table and label them on the physical topology diagram on the first page of manuql lab. A junior colleague was tasked with replacing ALS1 with a comparable switch. If the value is BKN, the Type field indicates what is causing the broken status. Lab Debrief Notes Use this space to make notes of the key learning points that you picked up during the lab debrief discussions with your instructor.


While troubleshooting, you will discover the cause inatructor the problem, correct it, and then document the process and results. Is dynamic or static routing being used? Lab Router R3 Baseline Config!

Use this space to make notes of the key learning points that you picked up during the discussion of this trouble ticket with your instructor. Tracking packets in real time is a fairly intensive procedure, and technical limitations might restrict the links where traffic captures could be collected.

Read ccnp-tshoot-instructor-lab-manual

Using the procedure described in Labverify that the lab configuration files are present in flash. Router interface designations from the physical topology diagram are provided. Fcnp procedure is done once at the beginning of the course.

When the show flash command is used on a switch, it lists the directories and files at the root directory but not the files within the directories. Mankal multiple commands that can be used to gather information. Label the STP role, port status, and direction for each port channel used in the physical topology diagram below. It focuses on discovering the network, assembling documentation, and identifying available troubleshooting and maintenance tools.

This morning, the help desk received a call from cchp external consultant that needed access to the SRV1 guest account simulated by ping.

Reference configurations tshoog all devices are provided at the end of the lab. When the network is properly configured, all devices send syslog messages to SRV1. If yes, which one?



When the network is properly configured, all devices send archives of their running configurations to this server whenever the running config is copied to the startup config.

The show running-config interface po2 and show running-config interface po10 commands on DLS2 confirm that Po2 encapsulation is dot1q and the native VLAN is Is there an operational trunk between the two switches? Does the VLAN exist on the next switch? Now you can apply targeted troubleshooting commands to find the root cause of the problem.

Notes Use this space to make any additional notes regarding troubleshooting and maintenance applications or tools. Is the Mankal allowed on the trunk between the switches? The device names and interfaces are listed to help identify the IP addresses. Use of the archive utility in the configs, sthoot it records versions of the running config, and how the path statement works to name files as they are sent tsuoot the TFTP server.

The baseline configuration file for each device and the final show running-config outputs are included nistructor the end of this lab. The notes can include problems encountered, solutions applied, useful commands employed, alternate solutions, methods and processes, and procedure and communication improvements.

Assign Responsibility for Each Device optional Step 1: The configs for this lab include ip host name ip-addr entries for all devices. Do not assign either PC mxnual static address.