I recently finished my Circle of the Moon FAQ/Walkthrough and I liked it so much I started up Harmony of Dissonance right away! Anyways, enjoy the guide!. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 15 videos by GoodGamer (). Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance chronologically takes place 50 years after Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest and 44 years before Dracula X: Rondo of Blood.

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This “duality of the soul” aspect of the game is probably the best thing about the game, in my humble opinion.

After the fight, take the recovery orb and head into the next room. Now push it to the right so where it is hanging off the edge on the left mostly off the edge. It’s probably easier to go back the way you came saving along the way. The Minotaur will also get pushed back as you damage him, so your spacing during this fight is of utter importance.

Easily remedied by using the ‘Uncurse Potion’ item. After that, go back a few rooms and into the Save Room. There, jump up the ledges in front of you and enter the room above you. The Skull Knight will bend forwards slightly and flash orange. Whip it to destroy it, giving you access to the final areas walkthroughh the game. Collect the Face Guard, then go east and jump onto the higher ledge. After you’re done there, leave the room and backtrack a couple rooms.

Once there, go east out of this room, into the Corridor in the Air. There you will find Maxim cowering in the corner. Now, backtrack to the castlevnaia with the Specters again, then go all the way south and into the pit to reach the Room castlevsnia Illusion. wakkthrough


Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for Game Boy Advance – GameFAQs

There are still some dropped items yet to be discovered from quite a few enemies, so if you have something I don’t, please let me know! It’ll crumble, revealing a new room. There, jump onto the right ledge and take the Dalkthrough, then head west and defeat the Throw Masters.

Now, go back down to the previous room, then continue west to the top of the next vertical room. This thing is a man-eater, and will try and spit rocks seeds?

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance – Walkthrough

Now it’s time to make your way to the Room of Illusion it’s a group of rooms southwest of your current position, but with emptiness surrounding it; if you have trouble reaching there, consult an earlier area of the walkthrough.

There’s a pit to the left here FULL of fleamen Then, go north into the next room. Head into the door on the left here to get to the next section. Kill the armor knights along the way and you’ll see a path to the left and right. Once you’re done placing furniture I didn’t want to keep lugging that closet around head up a little bit and into the left room.

Head up the left path past the axe armors for a.: There, take the Invincible Pot on the left ledge, then go east into the following room. In the next room, drop down to the southeast walkthroough, then go east into a Save Room. Read the Bosses section if you need help with winning here. He will recognize you as a Belmont by the color of your soul, but will tell you that the power of the castle is NOT that of Dracula.


Go through the west door into another room, which is the Corridor in the Air.

After the nice little chat, the walktrhough will be on! Here, defeat the Lizardman and take the Heart Max Increase up ahead, then go back to the previous room.

You will see your first piece of armor on the left. Take the Hint Card 2, then slide back under the wall and head west. Then, head east and into the next room. Now it is time to backtrack a bunch of rooms again. In that room, step on the switch to the left to open the door to the right. You’ll soon run into a save room you can use.

This enemy will throw a bone cross that richochet’s around the room. This is one of those sub-weapon books and increases the strength of the Holy Book.

Continue on and you will meet up with Maxim again. Defeat the Arabahaki that comes your way, then jump up to the ledges above you and enter the room to the north.