The Debian Administrator’s Handbook, Debian Jessie from Discovery to Mastery a translation of their French best-seller known as Cahier de l’admin Debian Debian’s security by applying the method of penetration testing. of their French best-seller known as Cahier de l’admin Debian (published by to enhance Debian’s security by applying the method of penetration testing. To motivate candidates, some French books (Cahier de l’Admin Debian Wheezy) are offered to any candidate that will have completed its.

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In Maywe released the book as promised. Approved project ideas Paperwork packaging Mentors: The amount of work is thus much more limited than in Google’s Summer of Code!

Liberate the French Debian Handbook – Ulule

Overcome your fear of using the Linux terminal and learn the most essential commands in administering Debian. You’re free to choose the feature s that you want to work on, just get it validated by me before starting any work. Note that all the money raised counts towards the first target, even the cajier that is earmarked for the liberation fund. French Debian 8 Jessie: Your goal is the packaging and integration of that package into Debian. You can request the removal of your book too.

Liberate the Debian Administrator’s Handbook

You get extra bonus points if you review a whole chapter and send us a patch ready to apply on our git tree. What reward should I select?


The book is thus available as a paperback in all good bookstores as well as an e-book that you can read online and download. Admn happens if the second target is not reached? We have a good tradition in mentoring newcomers which cumulated in the Mentoring of the Month effort.

It’s very effective to run a central server that redirects requests on a network of mirrors. Debian Jessie from Discovery to Mastery.

Debian — Debian Books

From the perspective that ‘the origin of Kali Linux is Debian’, it explains how to enhance Debian’s security by applying the method of penetration testing. There are many armin translations that would benefit from some help to get closer to completion. This book provides the basic knowledge to grow and become a ‘junior’ systems administrator. They even did everything required to publish a paperback version of the book.

Manage your home-network with network-manager, etc. A dependency graph for runtime dependencies can be found here. It covers Debian Squeeze.

And if this is the case, then everybody will have access to the ebook. If you speak and read Arabic or more generally care about spreading Debian in the part of the world that uses this languageclick here and go support this project! The liberation campaign is closed.

There’s a preliminary package provided by upstream developers. As for any package, you will have to deal with incoming bug reports and coordinate with upstream, and interact with the Ruby Team for sponsorship requests. Just to give an idea of the amount of changes: Yes24KyobobookAladin email: If you fear that the second target will not be met, and you want to be sure that you get a least a copy of the ebook, select a reward with just the ebook and use the rest of the money for the liberation dfbian.


Please include the following information:. The APT Tools 7. Thank you as well to the supporters who contributed to this crowdfunding campaign, you have been awesome and reached all the targets we have set!

About this project

It means that there is little book-like material that helps spreading Debian and its values, while at the same time embodying those values showing off their advantages. Yes24KyobobookAladin email: Only the money earmarked for the liberation fund counts towards this target. Debian has since long resolved that books, as well as other documentation material, should be kept at the same high freedom standard we require for software.