ally a how-to book on copywriting that explains the science behind copy! I’m learning The formula for writing bullets is first to state the benefit and then follow. COPYWRITING – HOW TO CRAFT COMPELLING COPY. 2. Feel free to email, . And don’t forget to use plenty of bullets and numbered lists. Think your. Here is my list of the best copywriters and copywriting resources. Those guys were great, the pioneers of copy but they aren’t on this list. in the business, Gary is semi-retired now but his marketing bullets newsletter is still.

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He blogs over at the Ratliff Report and offers some free reports over on his website. He is also the creator of Copy Doodlescoptwriting and hand drawn notes that help to increase the conversions of a sales page. Almost every well-known copywriter owns the course – and many have been known to show off their dog-eared copy of the templates as proof of how much they rely on it.

Chris is the founder of Clear Comms. You can find his blog here and articles he has written for top websites here. Ed is a copywriter who specializes in writing for technology and software. He has written for a diverse range of high profile clients. Known as copyqriting word morphologist, Jonathan has been a copywriter for over 35 years. He is also the creator of the Advanced Copywriting Seminar.


Since I first published this article several years ago, no one has climbed the copy ranks faster than Pauline during that time. Her blog and learning center cover a range of B2B marketing topics but copywriting is one of those major topics. He writes a blog and has all sorts of free goodies on his website too.

Discover how to quickly capture your reader’s attention with a gripping headline using these 20 Headline Templates.

The craft of writing short-form content for social media. We want to see thousands of new members using and enjoying the benefits and financial rewards made possible by joining Fast Effective Copy.

You can also listen to my interview with Drayton Bird here. His blog is also a good place to learn.

Greatest Copywriters and Copywriting Resources of the Internet Age

Maria is the author of the best selling book Bulldt Copy That Sells: This site uses cookies More info No problem. James is the founder of web design and copywriting agency Men With Pens. Ryan has an incredible blog full of great content and interviews with some top copywriters. Brian is very highly regarded amongst his peers.

182 Greatest Copywriters and Copywriting Resources of the Internet Age

If this deal seems too good to be true, it may be We’re in the midst of a massive recruitment drive. I have interview with John here and I have one with Stan which is due to be released, stay tuned. Michel has an absolutely killer blog and is the creator of the Copywriting Success System. Filettpe also runs a blog.


He is also well known for his 12 step fool proof sales letter formula. When I first started following Glenn 5 or 6 years back, he was very much focused on Cpy.

They are both great copywriters in their own right.

You can listen to my interview with Ben Settle here. I do have an interview with Daniel, which was published on my old blog. So the people on this list are modern day copywriters.

You can listen to my interview with Chris here.

He writes a blog and has written several times for AWAI. You can find the best of their copywriting notes here.

Fast, Effective Sales Copy with David Garfinkel & Brian McLeod

Stephen is a copywriter for hire. My interview with Ryan can be found here. Bob teaches the 7 steps to making more online sales, more often, naturally copywriting is a big part of that. Luke writes a blog here.