BS EN 61439-1 PDF

date BS EN is withdrawn and BS EN and BS EN In addition IEC and IEC have been amended, clarified and. For each type of electrical AssEMBLY only two parts of the standard are necessary to determine all requirements: the basic standard IEC “ General rules. What changes does BS EN bring? • New testing procedure including design and routine verification. • Alternative testing routes. • Clear requirements for.

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Testing of outgoing circuits may also result in the operation of the incoming circuit SCPD. The insulation shall be made of suitable materials capable of durably withstanding the mechanical, electrical and thermal stresses to which the insulation may be subjected in service.

The following list, although not comprehensive, gives an indication of locations which are included: Unless otherwise agreed between the ASSEMBLY manufacturer and the user, on three-phase and neutral circuits, terminals for the neutral conductor shall allow the connection of copper conductors having a current-carrying capacity: NOTE 2 The maximum load currents are used for the calculation instead of the rated currents of the circuits and the rated diversity factor because these two rated values need more detailed consideration of different load conditions.

6143-1 available wiring space shall permit proper connection of the external conductors of the indicated material and, in the case of multicore cables, spreading of the cores. Table 9 — Power-frequency withstand voltage for auxiliary and control circuits For this additional test, the test voltage shall be equal to 1,5 times the values indicated in Table 8.

Type-tested and partially type-tested assemblies. If verification of temperature rise is made following the rules of The power-frequency een shall be applied once, at full value, for a duration sufficient for the magnitude to be ascertained, but it shall not be 61439- than 15 ms or greater than ms. A list of organizations represented on this subcommittee can be obtained on request to its secretary.


Scope of the standard

The enclosure shall carry the symbol which shall be visible from the outside. The temperature rise of an element or part is the difference between the temperature of this element or part measured in accordance with Some circuits will be rated on the basis of inrush currents and intermittent 16439-1 short duration loads.

If the functional unit can be arranged in different orientations horizontal, verticalthen the most onerous arrangement shall be tested. When the protective gs in the outgoing circuit is 6143-1 circuit-breaker, the test circuit may include a shunting resistor in accordance with 8.

In order to consider the most onerous condition, the test shall be carried out at rated current and the test current shall pass through the full length of the distribution busbar.

Switches, disconnectors, switch-disconnectors and fuse-combination units IEC Protection against electric shock – Common EN aspects for installation and equipment IEC Low-voltage switchgear and hs EN assemblies – Part 1: The pollution has no influence. The test shall be carried out at rated current for the functional unit.

The Red document status indicator indicates that the document is an old version The document has likely been withdrawn by the publisher, also the meta data presented here may be out of date as it is no longer being maintained 6143-91 the editorial teams at NBS. Rated diversity factor can be stated: Testing and measurement techniques — Harmonics and interharmonics including mains signalling at a.

This schedule also facilitates the supply of information on basic conditions and additional user specifications to enable proper design, application and utilization of the ASSEMBLY.

The test shall be carried sb in accordance with Intentional connection of exposed conductive parts to a protective conductor or to an earth conductor is not permitted. Co-ordination of switching devices and components, for example co-ordination of motor starters with short-circuit protective devices, shall comply with the relevant IEC standards. Their committees work with the 661439-1 and service industries, government, businesses and consumers to facilitate the production of British, European and International standards.

Item G in Table A. Other requirements and other EC Directives may be applicable to the products falling within the scope of this standard. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The dimensioning of solid insulation between separate circuits shall be based on the circuit 64139-1 highest rated insulation voltage. The details in BS EN This list is not exhaustive; additional Parts may be developed as the need arises.


BS EN 低压开关设备和控制设备装配模块.电源开关设备和控制设备装配模块 – MBA智库文档

See Annex E for further details. NOTE 3 The value of the supply voltage may exceed the rated voltage due to permissible system tolerances. Assessment of degree of rusting ISO NOTE 2 A comparison of the resistances measured before and after the test, between the terminal for the incoming protective conductor and the terminal for the relevant outgoing protective conductor, gives an indication of conformity with this condition.

If, after the removal of a removable part, the original degree of protection is not maintained, an agreement shall be reached between the ASSEMBLY manufacturer and the user as to what measures shall be taken to ensure adequate protection. July against electric shock IEC Low voltage electrical installations – – – Part If an identical material having representative cross-sections as the parts has already satisfied the requirements of 8.

It is sufficient to test a single functional unit if the remaining functional units are of the same construction.

In general, auxiliary circuits shall be protected against the effects of short circuits. The test shall be conducted at 1,05 times the rated operational voltage with prospective short circuit currents, at the supply side of the specified protective device, equal to the value of the rated conditional short-circuit current. This applies for instance to voltage-operated fault detection devices and can also apply to the earth connection of the transformer neutral.

Ingress of water is permissible only if its route of entry is obvious and the water is only in contact with the enclosure at a location where it will not impair safety.