Souad. · Rating details · 8, ratings · reviews. When Souad was seventeen she fell in love. One morning while Souad was washing the family’s clothes, he crept up on her, poured petrol over her and set When Bruciata viva. Quemada Viva (El Primer Testimoniode Una Victima De Un Crimen De Honor). Suad is the author of Bruciata viva ( avg rating, 10 ratings, 1 review) and Dokument suad sozhzhennaya alive documentary novel Dokument Suad Sozhzhen. Bruciata Viva – Suad Bonometti Sara Soluzione? Nessuna. Cambia solo il carnefice. è il , ci troviamo in Cisgiordania Dall’inizio dell’

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And as such, it’s perfect. Oct 18, Alabbadmohd rated it liked it. I am so glad I have read this book.

Burned Alive

Nakitto Ketty how can i down load this book. Being from the Middle East myself, she doesn’t have her facts right. And “halouf” isn’t even a word. I looked the book Attention everyone: Quotes from Burned Alive.

Novel ini kurang mengupas di wilayah konflik batin souad untuk hidup. An execution for a ‘crime of honour’ was a respectable duty unlikely to bring about condemnation from others.

For example, it’s not vivaa, it’s “majnouna” meaning insane. Seolah mengejek dan berkata. So, well, this book is not for the weak- I’m aware there is some degree of doubt as to veracity of this story.


Perjuangannya dalam mengadaptasi budaya yang sangat berbeda.

Dorothy Amazon has it new and used. And it’s all about honor their.

Why would I waste my time reading a fake memoir? A single ray of hope threw Souad, helped her grow, and yet, also suffocated her. Does this ever brruciata to you? Education is imperative to changing things like this. It’s obviously fiction, and not pretty good! It was a major punishment for me to read the whole book, and was just hoping that it will finish as soon as possible.

Just because this may be fake does not mean that women are still not treated in this way and that honor killings aren’t an issue; they still are.

The childhood was horrible, the burning was unthinkable, the collusion to finalize the act by both family and community boggles the mind, and the psychological effects continue to dog her. This is a quick read. Namun menjelang akhir buku ini aku sedikit kecewa.

Mariah hammer book review 3. Open Preview See a Problem? I always had the idea it was in a remote village in Afghanistan or something.

Bruciata viva. Vittima della legge degli uomini |

It’s either is a true story, in which case I’m extremely sorry for all the pain the protagonist went through, or a fictitious one, inspired by horrible situations created in real life, in which case it might be considered a memorial for all those women and girls who suffered terribly and either lived or not. Membaca novel ini memang bikin miris. From the testimony of my Middle Eastern acquaintances, Palestinian families who belonged to the educated urban class didn’t enforce this ‘tradition’.


Miraculously, Souad survived rescued by the women of her village, who put out the flames and took her to a local hospital. As an afterthought I was thinking about a book I read a few years ago about a young girl in the Middle East who was doused in kerosene and set on fire to protect her family’s “honor”. How very harshly and cruelly women are treated by men, even family.

So heart-wrenching, so tear-worthy, with a realistic view on a the life of dear Souad, who only wanted to vivaa loved more than anything in the world.