Brothers Majere is a fantasy novel by Kevin Stein which is set in the world of the Dragonlance campaign setting and is the third volume in the Preludes series. Before the Chronicles, Caramon and Raistlin traveled together to the mysterious city of Mereklar. Cats are disappearing from the city – and it. Raistlin Majere is a fictional character from the Dragonlance series of books created by He is twin brother to Caramon Majere, half-brother to his protective sister Kitiara uth Matar, and a significant member of the Heroes of the Lance. In the.

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They’re slight and contain stories never alluded to in any other books in the series, so how much you enjoy them depends nrothers your like of the characters, really. Dragonlance series has an issue with having low diversity and super hetero-storylines and Raistlin is one of the few characters th 3. Dragons of the Hourglass Mage details Raistlin’s adventures in Neraka after becoming a wizard of the Black Maiere [14] and chronicles the significant maturation of the character between his introduction in Dragons of Spring Dawning and later appearances, addressing many previously-unanswered questions.

Find out more about your rights as a buyer – opens in a new window or tab and exceptions – opens in a new brotjers or tab. By revealing she was using magic and not the powers of a god by casting a spell of his ownRaistlin proved that she was a charlatan, destroying her cult and at the same time invoking the wrath of the townspeople against himself, coming dangerously close to being burned ,ajere the stake.


Rosamun, struck dumb by the sudden loss of her husband, fell into one of her trances, sinking so deep that she never re-emerged.

Heroes of the Lance” review. Add to Watch list. Raistlin deserves better stories.

Desperate for money, they agree to take on a job in the backwater village of Mereklar. Kitiara, after much effort, persuaded the archmage to talk to Raistlin, who impressed the archmage with intellect and wisdom beyond what Antimodes felt should be possessed by a child of six. Raistlin has a magic staff and can cast eight spells. When Gilon died, Widow Judith argued that it had been Rosamun’s lack of faith, her daughter Kitiara’s unsavory lifestyle, and Raistlin’s study of magic which caused the god to forsake Gilon in his time of need.

Wizards of the Coast.

Brothers Majere by Kevin Stein (Paperback)

Preludes, Book 3 Written by: Kitiara, still driven by a desire to find a use for her brothers, was annoyed by Raistlin for this same reason. Earwig the kender is as all kenders brave, enthusiastic and adverntures to the point of dangerous, but I just love it As always really enjoyed reading about some of the companions who I have left for such a long time now, and the majere brothers are great favourites of mine.

Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Other books in the series. Only fragments of the account of Huma survived the Cataclysm that broke the world of Krynn. In desperation and out of instinct, Raistlin throws up his hands to stop the fireball that is hurtling towards him. After Raistlin was intimidated by the disguised red dragon, he escaped the tent and returned to his own army’s camp.

What Raistlin saw was a blurred portrait, two faces instead of one, two faces in a botched painting, as if the artist had allowed all the colors to run together. While ruthless in his pursuit of power, he holds to a code of conduct which repays all debts and protects those disadvantaged through no fault of their own.

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Most Helpful Most Recent. Caramon picks Raistlin up, intending to bring his brother out of the Tower and away from the Test, which inflames Raistlin’s feelings of weakness. Brithers 3 by Kevin Stein. The song is one of the most popular among the fans and is still played in concerts.

Raistlin Majere

Why is this review inappropriate? Tanis and Flint, each a misfit in his own way, find themselves unlikely friends. Remembering that these books are written for a teenage audience, I found it a bit harder to reread as an adult as I was able to see the f Brothers Majere is another book from the Dragonlance Universe, and it is the third book in the Preludes series.

Brothers Majere is another book from the Dragonlance Universe, and it is the third book in the Preludes series.

Margaret Weis Narrated by: I don’t think I really have any complaints outside of the above written. By luck or by design, the twins find a posted announcement in which the city of Brothrs just northeast of Qualinesti is looking for trained and experienced people to help with an investigation in the town. Raiding the Temple of Wisdom.