Briscola one of Italy’s most popular games together with Scopa and Tressette, and a In contrast to the Dutch game, where players need to follow suit, briscola rules allow any card to be played. This makes the game more unpredictable, as. Briscola. Briscola is a Mediterranean trick-taking card game for two to six players, played with a standard Italian card deck. You can use a standard. We teach you the briscola rules. Enter Casual Arena and learn how to play this famous spanish card game.

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Briscolone ‘Briscolone’ means ‘large briscola’ and some people use this name to refer to five-player Briscola Briscola Chiamata. Obviously, a 4 is worth four and so on. Shown here are a selection of Piacentine cards. Winner goes first for drawing the next card and leading the next off for the next trick, in other words.

In this 5-player version, the basic rules remain the same, but there are some important variants. None of the other players know this, not even the caller – and it is only revealed through play, usually when the briscola is laid down at an opportune moment.

Briscola rules

It is also popular as Bisca or Brisca in South America. Infrequently, the declarer may declare a Briscola card he already holds if he feels he has a very strong handin briscla case the other four players are partnered against him. Here is a traditional set: The six players are divided in two teams of three. The signals or conversation are the same as in four-player Briscola. This can serve as the basis for multi-player versions.


When the game is over, the caller and the holder of the briscola card combine scores. The blind first hand can also be restricted to bids that have a score of 62 or higher. Topics Life and briscila Guide to games. Passport, Tourist, Priority, Business and Luxury. In this variant, the rule round is played without speaking, and on all subsequent rounds players are permitted to signal their partners and attempt to signal without the other team noticing.

Briscola – rules

In contrast to the Dutch game, where players need to follow suit, briscola rules allow any card to be played. It is usually considered to be an elaboration from an original Dutch card game related to klaviaas, perhaps transmitted by sailors.

Login Have you lost your password? If the draw is not between the hand and other players, then the rues closest to the hand to the right is the winner. You have no items in your shopping cart. You get to draw a card off the pile first. There also exists a variation whereby the three, is ranked as a three i. Whichever one of us wins the last trick gets the card facing down and the loser gets the one facing up.

The card values and rules of play are exactly the same as in normal two-player Briscolabut now both players have access to the same information at all times. There are all kinds of strategies around whether to take or not take that last trick. The pictures are of Jeff playing some of his worthy local adversaries.

If you want to beat me, with out a trump, that is. Six player Briscola This works in the same way as the four player version. Briscola is rule Italian card game similar to bridge in that there are four suits and one of them becomes the dominant Trump suit for any given hand.


The round ends when all players discard all their cards and there are no cards remaining on the deck to be taken. Top tips As there is no following suit, remember that the edge of power lies with the last to play.

Each turn, each player will play one card and then follow counter-clockwise.

Guide to games: Tricks & trumps: How to play briscola | Life and style | The Guardian

This is a popular add on to the game, which originated in the Italian version of “Briscola” but has been widely accepted in the Spanish version of brisscola “Brisca”. A player may pass, and hence cannot bid again in that game. To win a game, a player must accumulate more points than any other player. In another variant, bidding proceeds in the same fashion, but players declare how many points they brisco,a score 61 or more.

It is important that the Holder not reveal his identity.

Draw A draw can be achieved by having all players accepting a draw proposal. Register Register with Facebook to get 5. However, no one knows who the Holder is.