Blue Is for Nightmares is a young adult mystery novel and subsequent eponymous series by Laurie Faria Stolarz. The first book in the series, Blue is for . : Blue is for Nightmares (Stolarz Series) (): Laurie Faria Stolarz: Books. Blue is for Nightmares [Laurie Faria Stolarz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Blue is for Nightmares by Stolarz, Laurie Faria.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I found myself skipping through paragraphs of description, mostly the spells, cause it felt like a big info dump.

Blue is for Nightmares Series

From my blog, The Writer Diaries. Stacey wasn’t the kind of witch who can summon lightning from her fingertips, rather she uses candle magic and reads cards for divination.

As the series progresses Stacey graduates from high school, learns how to better harness her abilities, and sorts through her complicated love life. Stacey is a “woe is me” character, whose friends suck. Sep 20, Libby rated it it was amazing.

Blue is for Nightmares Collections

They seem to foreshadow Drea’s death. I couldn’t go two pages without Stacy peeing all over herself.

Drea and Stacy are convinced that the number of lilies represent the number of days Drea has to live. I found myself both intrigued and vaguely bothered by the fact that Wicca has a solid footing in the real world, and is portrayed as such; while the magic of Harry Potter and other similar tales are very fanciful, Stacey’s persona and practice is very normal.


The nightmares caused Stacey to think that Drea might be in danger. Spells created by You and other keepers of secrets-poems, spells and meditations contributed by fans of this popular series.

jightmares But Stacey is of the Wicca persuasion, and this is a new sort of character to my reading experience. Similar events and similar places keep appearing again.

It started with weird e-mails and freaky phone calls. But view spoiler [ I found the bed-wetting part of the story unnecessary Not just any nightmares — these dreams are too real to ignor I know your secret I wouldn’t want anything to do with her with how she treats people. Stacey’s nightmares are back. Will Stacey’s magic nightares strong enough to expose the true killer, or will the killer make her darkest nightmares come true?

And eventually, you would be surprised to find out who it is at the end of the book. The twists and turns always kept me guessing. Jul 27, Courtney rated it it was ok. Another thing I didn’t like about the book was the lack of character develo Rating: Some of the characters are very funny and sarcastic, and others are interesting in general, lovable, and easy to relate to.

That makes her suspicious so she continues her search for Drea. She is the worst kind of itch with a heavy case of B. Also, she thanks Stacy for not bailing out on her, even though she was extremely rude to Stacy. I won’t reco I wtolarz not like this book very much and I am really surprised the book has avg rating of 4.


Blue is for Nightmares Series by Laurie Faria Stolarz

This study guide contains the following sections: However, Donnovan got upset with Veronica and decided that he had to do something about her. I hope it gets better but what is life without a little disappointment, right? About Laurie Faria Stolarz. If you love psychics, murder mysteries, and the Nightmarse novels.

Blue is for Nightmares Collections by Laurie Faria Stolarz

I liked it because it was what I needed at the time. At first Drea herself doesn’t want to talk about it, embarassed that she let herself get involved in a friendship with someone she doesn’t know. I felt bad for Stacey’s little problem because it kept happening because of those nightmares. This book is at least not a knock off of the Twilight series, I guess its got that going for it, but then again there’s a lot of rubbish that Twilight can’t take the blame for out there.

Stacey needs to sleep so she can dream, and help save drea but will she be able to do it in time? His obsession made it obvious.

I know your secret