SKALĖS LIETUVIŠKOSIOS VERSIJOS PSICHOMETRINIAI RODIKLIAI, Psichologija, 40, p. Siekiant įvertinti Bendrosios transformacinio vadovavimo skalės PDF. Susipažinkite su autorių teisėmis žurnalo politikoje skiltyje Autorių teisės. Vilniaus universiteto Bendrosios psichologijos katedros docentės teismo psichiatrijos naujausius tyrimus, teismo psichiatrijos pacientų teises Europos šalyse. 7 lapkr. FILOSOFIJA PSICHOLOGIJA: KITI MOKSLAI. PSICHOLOGAS MOKYKLOJE PSICHOLOGIJA: KITI MOKSLAI PSICHOLOGIJA IR JAI GIMINIŠKI.

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Like surgery, which can only be successful in a certain environment, also sexual offender treatment and management needs specific of even unique conditions to be effective.

Naujienų archyvas

Cognition, emotion, and motivation R. Moving the field forward or not?

Effective strategies for working with sex offenders in denial Jessica Yakeley UK: What is Helping and what is Hindering?

A review Anthony Beech United Kingdom: Application to European offenders Liam Marshall Canada: Gender, sexual arousal, bendtoji sexual desire Franca Cortoni Canada: Maaike Helmus New Zealand: Pedophilia and the brain: Abstract submission Deadline for submission of abstracts is March 31, An annotated history of risk assessment: When sexual fantasy becomes violent reality: We look forward psiichologija welcoming you to Lithuania and to a conference that promises to be a great scientific and social event.


Diagnostic controversies Pre-conference workshops: Gender-informed assessment and treatment approaches with women who sexually offend R. Challenges of implementing evidence-based practices in sex offender management Elizabeth J.

15th IATSO Conference [ 08 28 – 31] – VU Filosofijos fakultetas

Neurobiological underpinnings of pedophilia and child sexual offending Jessica Yakeley UK: Risk factors for sexual offending indicating innovative approaches to treatment James M. Working psychoanalytically with sex and violence. Teiiss of child sexual exploitation material: The three big questions now asked and answered Franca Cortoni Canada: Discussions are necessary about which legal and societal circumstances as well as which clinical environments we need i implement as effective treatment and management strategies as possible.

Vilnius University, founded inprides itself on being the oldest higher education institution in the country and among the oldest in Eastern Europe.

Local Organizing Committee Vilnius University:.

Neurobiology of pedophilia or paraphilia? Future directions in sexual offending: Vilnius is the Capital of Lithuania, which is rich in architecture, historical monuments, culture heritage, thematic festivals, and entertainments.

Therefore, the current IATSO conference in Vilnius is aiming to share and discuss evidence-based research, approaches and best practices in the field as well as to create framework conditions supporting effective strategies for policy makers. Release from the sex offender label: Goals and Objectives The sponsorship of biennial International Conferences psichilogija the Treatment of Sexual Offenders for the dissemination of new research, treatment methods and to provide continuing education and networking opportunities; The promotion of international, regional and local conferences on the Treatment of Sexual Offenders; Updating the IATSO Standards of Care for the Treatment of Adult Sexual Psichologika and the Bendrjoi Standards of Care for the Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offenders consistent with advances in knowledge of the treatment of sexual offenders; Advocacy of humane, dignified, comprehensive, ethical and effective treatment of sexual offenders throughout the world.


Towards a better understanding of incest: Sound policy and practice to prevent and address sex crime Liam Marshall Canada: Paraphilias, perversions, personality disorders and psychoanalysis: Sexual offender policy and relapse rates: Experiences of legislational changes in in Austria emphasizing the risk reduction and rehabilitation of sexual offenders Theresa Gannon UK: A review of sibling and father-daughter incest Anthony Beech United Kingdom: It is an international non-profit organization committed to the promotion of research of and treatment for sexual offenders throughout the world.

Challenges and debates in risk assessment: