14 abr. Dessas turmas uma do APLUC foi aplicado a Bateria de Testes do Vitor da Fonseca e uma do APLUC e uma do I.E.G foi aplicado o KTK. María de los Ángeles Hernández T. Lcda. en Terapia Ocupacional. Máster en Psicomotricidad Batería Psicomotora Vítor Da Fonseca Sustento. Taller “Batería psicomotora (BPM, Vítor Da Fonseca)”, CIAP Centro de Investigación & Atención Psiconeurológica, Edificio Chapultepec.

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Besides, the psychomotor development includes the functional development of the whole body and its parts and usually this development is divided in psychomotor factors, that are 7: The sample was bxteria by 60 school students with ages between 8 and 10 years, of both sexes.

En la tonicidad las medias fueron: The illustration 6 illustrates the result of the children’s that breathe well: Integrated into that fact, due to recent studies in the neuroscience, there are demonstrations that the brain has capacity to accomplish neuronal plasticity, during the normal development of the fojseca and that is influenced through outlying stimulation, in other words, in response to the games, psicomohora and experiences, the brain exhibits the growth of neuronal connections, fosneca takes to end that educated children in sensory rich atmospheres present better chances of memory and cognition4.

The obtained data are compared with the table of age and ideal values, enclosed, in the apparel. However, during the tests the children that breathes well obtained little better scores than the children that breathe bad, with exception in the right and left recognition. It was waited that the child that doesn’t breathe inside of the appropriate patterns for the age presented the weak tonus hypotonia or exaggerating tension hypertoniadeficiency in the balance, in the lateralization, in the body notion, in the time space structuring, mainly in the global motive coordination and in the noble motive coordination.

So there is possibility to explore that adapts, the child needs a perfect neuropsychomotor function that will be possible once they are well physiologically. If that child possesses a decrease in the normal lung function, it is probable that the child has chances of committing the potential for learning and the necessary readiness profile for acquisition of new learnings. Nevertheless, what saying about these people’s breathing? That neuropsychomotor function, related in full detail to the motor acting, can have a deficient picture due to deficiencies in the breathing control, because it will directly act in the physiology.

Selecionou-se randomicamente 60 escolares entre 8 e 10 anos. The mechanical ventilation influence in the neuropsychomotor learning in scholars from 8 to 10 years old.

The different phases of the motor development have great importance, because collaborate for the progressive organization of the other areas, as the intelligence, what shows that the importance of an appropriate motor development is in the intimate relationship of this condition with the cognitive development and the cognition is understood as an interaction with the environment, referring to people and objects In the balance parameter was evaluated: Those breathing disturbances can be classified in restrictive, obstructive, mixed or non-specific.


The values will be showed for the group that breathe psicootora and breathe bad, respectively. However, a child’s motive dysfunction with learning disturbances can be subtle, then the need of larger care with the normative tests Due to this picture, the health and education professionals, that come across a lot of times with these batteria labeled by the bateriw as awkward, they should be attentive in acting in a global way so that it is possible to do the right orientation4.

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That child sleeps bad, is always tired and presents difficulty in the physical activities. Frequently, we also observed motive agitation and behavior alteration.

The tests that are part of a psychomotor battery are useful to detect, with a very small error margin, the growth pattern and of human motor behavior. However it is evident that qualitative aspects of the intellectual and functional functions of the human organism still inaccessible.

bateria Vitor da Fonseca original

This does with that the learning process is unique and “could not be repeated” in each case Like this, a child that possesses breathing restrictions, for any reason, is usually deprived of certain sensorial experiences that are of great meaning for the neuronal plasticity. Was observed in the statistical results, that the data corroborate the studies of Pain et al, which say that even not occurring statistical relevance, falls to paicomotora teachers of any modality to be worried with the development, not only of physical and technical aspects, but also with their students’ cognitive, social and passion aspects.

Bateria psicomotora de Fonseca: The learning always includes the body, because it includes the pleasure, and this is in the body, which without, the pleasure disappears.

Each one of those interrelated functions is an evaluation area. The “t” Student test is ca for samples in pair. Though, it is necessary to stimulate the areas of the brain, aiming to help the neurons develop new connections; to educate the children from the most tender age in an rich atmosphere, stimulating the spoken language, fonsexa, writing creating a structured climate with affectivity, diversifying positively the sensations, bqteria the presence of color, music, social interactions, and games seeking to the development of their cognitive capacities and future memories, favoring like this their learning process15, Therefore, the present study demonstrated that a smaller efficiency of the mechanical ventilation do no influence in the neuropsychomotor development of children with age between 8 and 10 years.


However, during the tests, the children that breathe well obtained a little better scores than the children that breathe bad, with exception in bateira right and left recognition. Are evaluated areas, as: Therefore, it is of concluding that children in atmospheres psicimotora provide rich experiences, present larger opportunities for us to understand their experiences, that are some of the most promising learning sources.

Significant statistical alteration was not observed. In finseca of them, the lung functional capacity will be harmed. It is the interaction and the intelligible and informational relationship between both, that give to the movement the varied function of the intelligence.

Bateria de Avaliação Psicomotora by REGINA QUEIROZ on Prezi

The nasal staple was put, and the child well educated to inspire the maximum and to blow in the mouthpiece, strong, fast and completely inside of the spirometer. Was selected fortuitously 60 scholars between 8 and 10 years. To verify the influence of the mechanical ventilation on the neuropsychomotor learning the scholar children of 8 until 10 years.

In tonus the average was; 3,33? Some reported cases of buccal respirators, demonstrate that even not having an obstruction of the superior aerial ways, present low school performance, motive agitation and behavior alteration, the breathing capacity is committed and, consequently, the oxygenation5.

Even not occurring statistical relevance, the children that present total lung capacity inside of the re spirometric of Knudson showed better means than the ones that come below the spirometric patterns of Knudson. To the spirometry was used a digital spirometer Micro Medical of the Micro Spirometers, that use the Knudson protocols.

The values are expressed as mean and standard error of the mean. The lung function along the life behaves in specific ways; however, it psiicomotora interesting to observe that from 6 to 14 years old the referred function has progressive increase due to the influence of the stature and muscular earnings2.

The group that breathes well presented mean of 3,33? In that study, so much the children that breathe well as the ones that breathe bad presented means between the groups without statistical differences, although, if we observe in the graph, although low, the ones that breathe well presented better means than the ones that breathe bad. No hubo diferencia en ninguna va No hubo diferencia en ninguna variable entre los dos grupos.