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Operations Manual, Section 4, STEP , Applicants shall submit the following documentation to. AHRI: •. Coil physical data per ASHRAE 33 (refer to Section );. ASHRAE Methods Of Testing Forced Circulation Air Cooling And Air Heating Coils. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to. ANSI/ASHRAE Standard (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE Standard ) Methods of Testing Forced-Circulation Air-Cooling and Air-Heating Coils.

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One method shall measure the cooling or heating capacity on the air side; the other method shall measure the cooling or heating capacity on the cooling or heating medium side. Describe and specify calculations to be made from test data.

The meter shall be connected in the 7. Distilled water shall be used on the wick. The least mm [9 in.

Adjacent to the pressure tap ahead of the liquid control device Pr0 to determine the subcooled refrigerant liquid temperature entering the liquid control device tr0.

Define terms used in testing. The Society and its members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration, and sustainability.


Numerical subscripts are used to 33-2000 conditions at the following locations: Leaving coil pressure measurement pipe straight length h.

Evaluate the specific 333-2000 of the chilled water at constant c. Water coils and aqueous glycol solution coils: The method determines the refrigerant mass flow rate by measuring its change in enthalpy and the heat removed from it on passing through the condenser. Define terms used in testing.

Static pressure taps shall simultaneously meet all of the B5. Numerous studies conclude ashae the deter- B5. In no case shall a test be acceptable if liquid refrigerant floods through at any time.

The asrae finally leaves the discharge chamber. Leaving air dry-bulb temperature at coil: All instruments shall be applied in a manner that ensures compliance with the accuracy specified in the test plan.

It is good practice to conduct calibration tests at pressures slightly above and below the operating range and note the variations over this range. Their Theory and Application1: Suitable trapped drains should be provided for condensate drainage from the duct floor.

It has not been processed according to the ANSI requirements for a standard and may contain material that has not been subject to public review ashraf a consensus process. See Dimension H, Figure 3.


Michael Christopher Stone John E.

A condensate control valve shall be provided ments can serve as mixers provided that the water velocity at to regulate the condensate level. This is to minimize the possibilities of temperature difference reading errors.

ASHRAE 33-2016

If any modifications [2 in. This signifies the concurrence of more than a simple majority, but not necessarily unanimity. We need your help! Vallort, CO James W.

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If the nozzles are of different diameters, the minimum detectable change in air temperature or velocity. Similarly, a set of four static pressure taps shall be located at the throat of the nozzle or shall be located flush with the inner walls of the discharge chamber and downstream from the nozzle plate.

When more than one nozzle is in use, the velocity pressure shall be determined for each nozzle.