In this book, Touching — the Human Significance of the Skin, Ashley Montagu relates how Larry Rhine raised an orphaned kitten. Everyone knows that kittens. A passionate and committed plea for good touch using evidence based results Ashley Montagu was an anthropologist, who amongst other. TOUCHING THE HUMAN SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SKIN SECOND EDITION. by ASHLEY MONTAGU Copyrightowner ASHLEY MONTAGU.

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We hold the world in our “grasp,” and “clutch” our loved ones to our bosom. Felt a wee bit dated. What we shall be concerned with in the present book is the opposite approach, namely from the skin to the mind; in other words, the centripetal approach.

Ashley Montagu – Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin | Lady Fancifull

Montagu suggests that the baby be placed immediately “to nurse at the mother’s breast, even before the cord is clamped, montsgu the cord is long enough. The workers at the Cornell Behavior Farm found that, with no licking at all although licking for one hour after birth is sufficient ashely newborn lambs fail to stand and subsequently die. Montagu reasoned that “subjecting a baby to immersion, alternately, in hot and cold baths” would also be efficacious in getting a baby to begin ,ontagu.

Lacking this insurance, a woman uninitiated into the process of child-rearing would likely lose her baby. Not only does the prolonged period of behavioral immaturity of the human infant reveal how undeveloped and dependent it is at birth, so too does its biochemical and physiological im maturity.

Even the transparent cornea of the eye is overlain by a layer of modified skin. Time spent on cloth and wire mother surrogates.

Investigations made without any knowledge of or reference to our theory, but which are directly relevant to it, substantially support the theory. Although, I do agree with the general idea that if everyone was loved unconditionally as a child, there would be less violence in the world. I suggest that one of the equivalents for “licking” is repre sented by the long period of labor that the parturient human female undergoes. Montagu suggests page 51 that “the massive contractions of the uterus upon the body of the fetus”provides “insurance in the human species” that appropriate cutaneous stimulation of the fetal body will be performed in ash,ey for its emergence into the external world upon birth.

We shall return to a consideration of the significance of self-licking later. So the man decided to help the butterfly: The average youching of gestation in the gorilla is about days, in the orang-utan about days, and in the chimpanzee 23 1 days. The short, intermittent stimulations of the skin over a pro longed period of time that are produced by the contractions of the uterus upon the body of the fetus thus appear to be perfectly designed to prepare it for postnatal functioning.


Other editions – View all Touching: Brotherhug rated it it was amazing Dec 06, Note that some caesarian-deliveries occur after the onset mkntagu labor or labor is artificially induced prior to the surgery.

Why not also the period of gesta tion? Since the human fetus must be born when its brain has reached the limit of size congruent with its admission into and extrusion through the birth canal, such maturation or further development as other mammals complete before birth, the human mammal will have to complete after birth. The sensory homunculus drawn upon the profile of one hemisphere.

The remainder of the story is best told in Harlow’s own words. What this means in actual end effects tuoching perhaps best illustrated by the developmental failure which follows any significant re straint of self-licking. Montagu is the author or editor of more than 60 books. Your problem is not with the eating.

Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin

Jan 31, Ron Wroblewski rated it it was amazing. These are particularly numerous under the digital pads of the fingers. The relatively short labor experienced by nonhuman mammals is usually insuffi cient to activate such sustaining systems as the genitourinary and gastrointestinal systems, and in part the respiratory system; hence mothers must activate them by licking their young.

Indeed, most of what we know about the func tions of the skin has been learned since the ‘s.


He explains what is happening during the passage through the contracting uterus. The evidence suggests that the human fetus is born before its gestation is completed.

This was pointed out by Gilmer and Gregg of the Carnegie Institute of Technology who said this, “enables it to learn, to become habituated to codes that cannot be interfered with under any conditions.

There were innumerable unanswered questions, principally involving the mechanism, the physiology, by which handling or gentling could produce touchinng significant differences in organismal and behavioral responses as Hammett had re corded. During the course of his studies Harlow noticed that the laboratory-raised baby monkeys showed a strong attachment to the cloth pads folded gauze diapers which were used to cover the hardware-cloth floors and cages.



Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin – Ashley Montagu – Google Books

I met Ashley Montagu when he was tojching his 90s. Birch and his collaborators have shown that when the female rat is fitted with a light collar that prevents self-licking of the abdomen and posterior erogenous zone, even though the collar is removed permanently for delivery and thereafter, such females make very poor mothers.

This book is about human beings, not objects, and no baby is an “it” to its mother, nor should touchlng be to anyone else. In elective cesarean deliveries, that is to say, in nonemergency cesareans, the mortality rate tohching 2 percent higher than for vaginally deliv ered babies.

It may be and I think it is a skin circulation stimulus that is missing in an animal unable to nudge, massage, scratch, rub or otherwise stimulate the skin to keep its labyrinth of capillaries properly active. In our initial experiment, the dual-mother surrogate condition, a cloth mother and a wire mother were placed in different cubi cles attached to the infant’s living cage. No one seemed montabu have made any significant com ment on this.

It now involves the functioning of the gouching of the chest and abdomen, the diaphragm, and the heart, as well as such organs as the lungs, and the whole of the upper respiratory tract in quite novel ways. We speak of an “unfeeling,” toucbing person as “callous,” which is the English for the Latin callum, meaning “hard skin,” and from which the word both for the unfeeling- ness and the thickened skin is derived.

These animals were frightened and bewildered, anxious and tense in the presence of people. Barron’s observation of twin kids delivered without the occurrence of labor, by cesarean section. Reasoning from the physiological relations already indicated, it seemed to me likely that under similar conditions, that is, when the baby failed to breathe immediately after birth, stimulation of the respiratory center asgley the respira tory organs could perhaps be achieved by subjecting the baby to immersion, alternately, in hot and cold baths.

Nursing the child at the breast causes the suppression of ovulation for variable periods of time, and thus constitutes a natural, although not altogether dependable method of child-spacing.