asciidoc cheat sheet. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. `Inline code`. Inline code. [source,java] /** * @author John Smith */ package ; public. Description. A text document format for writing notes, documentation, articles, books, ebooks, slideshows, web pages, man pages and blogs.

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Thumbnail linked to full image image: AsciiDoc is highly configurable: You can also use the ifdefifndef and endif System macros for conditional inclusion.

AsciiDoc cheatsheet

This syntax only applies to attributes and miscellaneous sections. You can use the data-uri attribute with the xhtml11 and html5 backends to produce single-file XHTML documents with embedded images and CSS, for example: To disable table of contents generation undefine the toc attribute by putting a: By default icons is undefined and text is used in place of icon images.

The top of each chapter file should begin with a chapter title preceded by two equals signs. If you want to group your chapters into parts, you can do so by creating a new asciidoc file for example, part1. See non-English usage of quotation marks.

All equals characters inside the name must be escaped with a backslash character. The sectnum attribute is used for section numbers in HTML outputs DocBook section numbering are handled automatically by the DocBook toolchain commands. The [specialwords] section is used to single out words and phrases that you want to consistently format in some way throughout your document without having to repeatedly specify the markup.

Put a blank line between the include macro lines to ensure the title of the included document is not seen as part of the last paragraph of the previous document. Quoted must be bounded by white space or commonly adjoining punctuation characters.


Cheat Sheet for AsciiDoc Markdown

The column widths are determined by the browser, not the AsciiDoc cols attribute. The AsciiDoc website is asciiidoc in the AsciiDoc distribution in. An attribute reference an attribute name enclosed in braces is replaced by the corresponding attribute value.

Fusce euismod commodo velit. They can be used to group block elements for List item continuation.

Dan Allen has written a Bootstrap backend for AsciiDoc. We’ve chosen our favorite “delimited” style to show you below, but feel free to use the two-line underlined heading style if you prefer. This will ensure things like table of contents, figure and table captions and admonition captions are output in the specified language. Tables The AsciiDoc table syntax looks and behaves like other delimited block types and supports standard block configuration entries.

You write an AsciiDoc document the same way you would write a normal text document, there are no markup tags or weird format notations. Section markup template names are derived as follows in order of precedence:.

For example, if the source document is called mydoc. Output file line termination characters. The template block macro allows the inclusion of one configuration file template section within another.

Upper case roman numbered list sheett. Dag Wieers has implemented an alternative Vim syntax file for AsciiDoc which can be found here http: Attribute names are case insensitive and can only contain alphanumeric, dash and underscore characters.

The revision remark extends from the colon up to the next blank line, attribute entry or comment and is subject to normal text substitutions. Set the document maximum display width sets the body element CSS max-width property. Graphviz generates diagrams from a textual specification.


Once you have the idyou can insert a cross-reference to that element elsewhere in the text by enclosing the id in double angle brackets, like so:. Table behavior is also influenced by the following [miscellaneous] configuration file entries:.

The title element in HTML outputs is asciivoc to the AsciiDoc document title, you can set it to a different cheatt by including a title attribute entry in the document header. Vivamus Fringilla mi eu lacus.

The AsciiDoc block structure can be informally summarized as follows [This is a rough structural guide, not a rigorous syntax definition]: The document Header is parsed, header parameter values are substituted into the configuration file [header] template section which is then written to the output file.

Cjeat are designed for, and should normally only be used for, displaying column oriented tabular data. Section markup template names are derived as follows in order of precedence: The shipped AsciiDoc configuration includes the inline macros for generating DocBook index entries.

If the header contains non-UTF-8 characters then the encoding must precede the header either in the document or on the command-line. Paragraphs are terminated by a blank line, the end of file, or the start of a DelimitedBlock.