The Archidoxes of Magic by Paracelsus, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. PARACELSUSOf theSupreme MysteriesofNATUREOfThe Spirits of the Planets. Occult PhilosophyThe Magical, Sympathetical,and. Full text of “Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic”. See other formats. 3S&38 T J% JCELS V S Of the Sup reme Mysteries OF N A T 11 R E. A The Spirits of the Planets.

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The Seal of Pifces. Waite, and many others.

They are not Spirits, as others are, at 31 but are compared unto them, for the Similitude us i of their Arts and Induftry, which are common to ty them with the Spirits: Published November 1st by Nicolas-Hays, Inc first published Email required Address never made public.

It is necelfary therefore, in the firf place, to the finde out the true foundation there ofand to lay the fame upon the right ftone, which is thp word of God and bis promiies ; an to pray daily unto God ; whereby it hall com W an to pafs that he will give us all things which It calle hath ppomifed ip his word.

And when the Moots is in the i o degree of Taurusit is to be applied.

Archidoxis magica – Wikipedia

Paracelfus of feveral Caufes, which in this place we intend not to treat of ; but only of the more erievn. For hiti the devil is the pooreft of all creatures, lo that there is no creature fo miferable 8c poore, above or under the earth, or in all the other Elements, atl Neither hath he any money, nor Riches, nor any power over them;how then can he.

Views Read Edit View history. Wherefore it is chiefly neceflary to induce and force fuch as are thus potted, to prayer j! For that Author before his death did prudently inclose those Books in divers places in Walls; so that if after his death, they were lost in one place, they might be preserved in another, for good men; lest that if any should come to the envious hands of wicked men, should be perpetually lost, or torn in pieces.


Of Conjurations, Of Charatters. Wherefore it is very necelfary, that tire, j P hyfitian that defires to make ufe of thefe lpirifie S be very expert in the knowledge of Metafieft Therefore it is far better to ufe the more perfe; exc fpirits, which may be taken without any funferi feare of danger: It Iheweth that the Vjgmies and Sylphesztz there, who do envy that men fhould have thofe treafures ; and will not willingly part from them, efpecially if it he their own, or fuch as they brought thither.

To ask other readers questions about The Archidoxes of Magicplease sign up. Keiko Arai rated it it was amazing May 12, The Seal of T auras.

For it is not our intent heretLet: For by watching he doth not mean ab- sence from the bead and fleep,as the Carthttfi- f St, ; and other Monafteries do teach and obferve; hi br God created and ordained reft and fleepe, and firft fuffered ic to enter into Adam.

Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic

Full-text searching is available within public or maglc collectionsand within individual items. So quick and fwi! But in Thunders and haile they do no goodas the Monks and Sacrifices have to their lofs too often found. There is another thing which iritswefhall more largely declare from the coin- lun-mon proverbwhereby it is reported that trite Vi re!

The Archidoxes of Magic

Take of that ii. This foundation, which ima drawneonely from their opinions, is to be’ con.

And that vs or he th a great Antipathy between him and us, and the bleffed holy An q els who are our governors and Archudoxes continual guardiansyand are continually employed about us oof, ac- cording to their orders and minifleries appointed them by the mofl High: Take common Clay, or Potters white Clay, afhes made of the bones of the heads of four-footed Beafts?


Then prepare a Collary for this Mouse, of pure Lead, the Moon increasing, on the day of Saturnand first hour of the night, which is the hour of Saturn ; and engrave thereon these Characters, I I.

Let i that it may penetrate. And thus-much of the fpirit of Venus, i magc. And then at last, according to the process of the preceding and following Signes, maturely judge.

But now tofpeake of another example,ltnoJ that the Imagination doth magicc onely operate o men in time of Peftiience, and to deprive man of their lives, but alio in war: Retrieved from ” https: Refresh and try again. The recipe for the weapon ointment is similar to that of the sympathetic ointment described above, except that arhcidoxes and ox-fat must be added to it.

Of Sheep, That we may not cnly have fome means to drive away and expel hurtful Creatures, but alfo that we may preferve the profitable ; When Sheep are Corrupted with their Diieafes, make a Sheep of Mudd as followeth: Rx of Gold and Silverof each i. M But that I may fpeake more largely of vifions in: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. F Lj Galen archidxes Hippocrates begone ; 1 willprefierve my choice: