Apple Lane was originally published in as “Scenario Pack 2” for RuneQuest , but was revised in for inclusion in the aforementioned. Apple Lane () – Apple Lane contains two complete RuneQuest adventures set in the world of Glorantha, in Sartar. Apple Lane set a ne. Hello Adventurers! I thought I would start a thread to report on the progress of my RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign. I figure that.

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These days, I ignore it, focusing on the Rainbow Caverns.

Apple Lane (Publication)

As to the “funny” races, we did have jokes about orange sauce and such, but in my more recent play, while there were still jokes, it really wasn’t all that bad though I’m not sure I’ve ever had a PC duck – we have had PC newtlings and baboons though. They don’t exist solely to interact with the Rundquest who come into the town and have need of their goods and services.

Newer Post Older Post Home. That means that there are applr to deities, historical events, and cultural practices that, while very useful for referees wanting to use Glorantha, need apppe be altered if the referee isn’t using that world.

As crazy as that sounds, it actually makes sense in context and apple even be described as “normal” for old school Glorantha. The baboons especially was felt to be too ridiculous.

Invincible Overlord July 14, at Posted by James Maliszewski at 8: Among the townsfolk, there are a couple or three cult connections that would serve well as an introduction to the greater setting. That’s more than you get in The Keep on the Borderlandsbut nowhere near what Jim Raggi presented us with. Swordsman July 15, at 8: I don’t mind a bit of humor with the ducks considering their curse. It’s an interesting thing.


The whole experience was a bit surreal to say the least. Apple Lane was originally published in as “Scenario Pack 2” for RuneQuestbut was revised in for inclusion in the aforementioned boxed set. We team up to fight Dracula.

Heh, in my most recent RQ campaign, Whiteye’s Extinguish vs. Anthony July 14, at 3: The Rainbow Mounds were awesome.

THE GREAT GAME: RuneQuest – more from Apple Lane!

I regret to say we hardly spent any time in Apple Lane itself, since I was trying to complete the dungeon arc in 4 short sessions. But who’d play RuneQuest if they weren’t using Glorantha? For me, the only appeal of RQ is Glorantha.

What’s so important that he can’t protect his own source of wealth? The module presents the small Sartarite town of Apple Lane, so called because of the apple orchards that surround it. The first scenario, “Gringle’s Pawnshop,” is little more than an extended battle, defending the aforesaid pawnshop from an attack by baboons in alliance with a group of non-human outlaws led by a centaur.

Indeed, given that Apple Lane is, at least in part, intended to introduce new players to Glorantha, I can’t help but think it was intentionally written this way in order to spur interest in the “secret stuff” the Issaries cultists are up to that demands Gringle’s full attention.

Rob Conley July 14, at Why is Gringle “too busy”?

KP July 14, at It’s a classic of the hobby and well worth reading if one has the chance. Or more accurately, the NPCs of Apple Lane are detailed, yes, but they’re still little more than sketches. Whereas The Keep on the Borderlands takes place at the frontier of a vague “realm,” Apple Lane sits squarely within Glorantha.

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Eventually they overcame the trollkin and Whiteye ended rynequest using Divine Intervention to escape though. I ran this in June, but I am sorry to report that everybody found the attack on Gringle’s Pawnshop to be a howler. Whereas many consider Glorantha to be a “selling ruenquest, I find it to have too much of a “cost” of setting depth to interest me.

Plus the setup of “I am too busy to deal with an attack on my own pawnshop. James Maliszewski July 15, at 2: The episode in which the expert attacked a ballistics gel torso with a Roman gladius a simple shortsword and hacked off both arms with his first two whacks convinced me that it is entirely realistic.

It’s palpably different than the approach taken with The Keep on the Borderlandsbeing perhaps to the presentation of The Village of Hommlet no surprise, as both Apple Lane and Hommlet arose out of actual playbut far quirkier, given the nature of Glorantha.

Instead of an rpg that confines itself to one “sandbox”. That too is another useful runequrst of comparison that Apple Lane highlights. However, what really made me balk was the set up of powerful NPCs who are ready to burst in and save the day at the last moment, ick.