Aphis (Aphis) citricola in Schmidt S, Monje J C. Taxon list of Hymenoptera from Germany compiled in the context of the GBOL project. Staatliche. Species Aphis citricola Van Der Goot, contains: Subordinate Taxa, Rank, Verified Standards Met, Verified Min Standards Met, Unverified, Percent. An examination of the original material of Aphis citricola v.d. Goot, a species described in from Chile but later erroneously sunk and eventually widely.

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Lysiphlebus testaceipes and Trioxys angelicae [Binodoxys angelicae] are recorded parasitoids of A. In winter, in temperate areas, few adults survive. Mezei and Kerekes, ; Mezei and Kerekes, Hille Ris Lambers D, Aphididae Homoptera from the forest edge: Impact Top of page A.

Informatore Agrario, 46 The natural enemy complex of the tea and green citrus aphids on citrus in Adzharia. Title Adult Caption Aphis spiraecola Spirea aphid ; adult, female vivipara, alate. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research, 29 4: Aphids in apple orchards in Central-South Bulgaria.

Pons X; Lumbierres B, It was also collected citrickla clementine trees during May. Acta Agriculturae Zhejiangensis, 5 1: Current Science, 49 A contribution to the biology and control of the green citrus aphid, Aphis spiraecola Patch.


Aphis citricola van der Goot, 1912, replaces Aphis spiraecola Patch, 1914 (Homoptera, Aphididae).

Title Apterous vivipara Caption Aphis spiraecola Spirea aphid ; apterous vivipara, citricolw view. When the production of young leaves stops, alates began to form nearly all of the adult population.

Ecological Research, 9 1: It was assumed that this ant interfered with the activity of aphid predators. Mass rearing of predatory insects in the field for control of injurious mites in apple orchards.

synonym Aphis (Aphis) citricola: Aphid Species File

Parasitoids have been recorded in the Old World, where this aphid is thought to originate, but fewer parasitoids associated with A. Augmentative releases for aphid control on landscape plants. However, in the tropics, where new shoot production is year-round, population levels can remain relatively high Heinze, Survey of the World’s Aphids.

Aphids in citrlcola and managed ecosystems. Lacewing predators may be attracted to the aphid sex pheromone Boo and Park, Boletin de Sanidad Vegetal, Plagas, 21 4: Muestreo de poblaciones y actividad de vuelo de Aphis frangulae gossypii Glover Homoptera, Aphididae y otros pulgones sobre citricos en Castellon.


University of Illinois Extension

Aphids as crop pests [ed. Coccinellidae Coleoptera in apple orchards of eastern West Virginia and the impact of invasion by Harmonia axyridis. Biology and Ecology Top of page Citrciola A. Citrus and apple are the most important crop hosts Blackman and Eastop,citricopa grapefruit is almost immune to attack Heinze, Reproducao sexuada de Aphis spiraecola Patch no estado de Sao Paulo.

Aphididaeand the predator Harmonia axyridis Coleoptera: The Agricultural Society of India. Effect of a plant growth regulator prohexadione-calcium on insect pests of apple and pear. Aphididae on apples in south central Washington.

Environmental requirements In laboratory experiments, with A. Review of Nicaraguan Entomology, 5: Journal of Arboriculture, 20 5: Insects associated with soursop Annona muricata L.

Homoptera on some citrus cultivar in coastal region of Syria.