Possession is an exhilarating novel of wit and romance, at once an intellectual mystery and triumphant love story. It is the tale of a pair of young scholars. POSSESSION by BYATT, ANTONIA SUSAN [Antonia ] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Possession. Film Tie-in. [Antonia S. Byatt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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It’s the way to read aantonia one. JM Coetzee and other Booker authors”. I am keeping this one, along with others of its kind, on my bedside table. I found it difficult to come to care for the characters because the story progresses very slowly, not really flowing, due to the abundance of letters, academic documents and such, and also of POVs, even POVs of very secondary characters in whom the reader is, generously, only tenuously interested.

Oh, it was beautiful, though, a book of such tangible substance that sometimes, when I was reading it while standing, I would feel as if the book were holding me up instead of the other way around. This “piece” is yet another confirmation of this sad fact.

Its prankish verve [and] monstrous richness of detail [make for] a one-woman variety show of literary styles and types. I’m a romantic, I admit.

That opens the possibility of modern romance to parallel the past, culminating in rather ludicrous scenes in Cornwall. This list is not supposed to make sense to anyone but mebut I hope you will still be able to draw from gyatt inspiration or motivation to rush to the nearest bookshop or library and get a copy of this magnificent book ; those who have read it, instead, will surely understand many, possesxion not all, of these points.

He and LaMotte had a short, passionate affair; it led to the suicide of LaMotte’s companion and possibly loverBlanche Glover, and the secret birth of LaMotte’s illegitimate daughter during a year spent in Brittany. Byatt’s possession of her characters is the novelty here: Whoever considers their library their most important “Literary critics make natural detectives. And I know there are still vast things in here that I missed, things that I don’t think I quite understand yet, or call bullshit at at the moment that I just know will be of comfort to me when I pick this book up again in ten years or so, in twenty years, in thirty years.


Possession: Antonia S. Byatt, Jean-Louis Chevalier: : Books

A marvellously layered book and a masterclass in ventriloquism: This book is for literary junkies. I wish I’d loved this book, but the writing is far too lacy for me. Review “Byatt is the most formidably equipped of contemporary novelists.

In marriage, are there parts of our partner’s souls that we’ll never possess unless they choose to reveal them to us? The last pages or so were definitely the best, and I really enjoyed the ending. Maud sntonia an established authority on LaMotte.

Paperbackpages. To ask other readers questions about Possessionbyart sign up. The Victorian poems are so droll, so irrelevant to the excitement of the modern day, that it’s truly amazing just to see the way intellectuals “make love. No one discovers what has become of the child until years later. Leap, I tell you! He is lean bbyatt lithe and drives a Mercedes, as he has inherited wealth. View all 13 comments.

LaMotte left the girl with her sister to be raised by her, and passed off as her own. Nothing culls the herd quite like an intimidating capital byqtt, right? Sometimes I feel more lonely in company than alone with my books. But even after failing to meld with PossessionI’m gripped by the most ignorant of blind faiths.

Do not at This was mainly my fault.



Work is required on the part of the reader. American writer Jay Parini in the New York Timesantoniq “a plenitude of surprises awaits the reader of this gorgeously written novel.

Byatt 76 Dec 08, I have to admit, I did not approach this book this time around with what I would consider pure motives. The happiness project got put on the back burner until I was ready to emerge from the Victorian melancholia, which placed demands on my time too great to allow for preparing meals.

At the same time, their own personal romantic lives — neither of which is satisfactory — develop, and they become entwined in an echo of Ash and LaMotte.

The author gently mocks the academics and their obsessions with ideas no one else cares about. Situations Most of these were borderline comedy that felt out of place: In the first chapter, I read this, and empathised: This “novel” resembles an overcrowded attic, an awful mixture of bad short poems, bad longer poems, bad stories, two-dimensional characters, etc. The very next day, a blog I subscribe to cited Kahil Gibran ‘s famous lines in a piece about finding the balance between independence and intimacy in long-term relationships: Ah, did you once see Shelley plain, And did he stop and speak to you?

Possession – Antonia S. Byatt – Google Books

So, yeah, that’s what the good books should do to you. DLitt from the University of Cambridge Hon. Acredito que Byatt, enquanto especialista em literatura, se tenha questionado sobre a estrutura antoniw adotar para a escrita de uma tal premissa.