Zabuza and haku relationship with god

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zabuza and haku relationship with god

ZabuHaku is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Zabuza Momochi and Haku. He then met Zabuza Momochi, who had "the same eyes" as him. They later fight again, Zabuza battling Kakashi while Haku fought Naruto and Sasuke. God that's so f***ing sexist man. What you mentioned on Zabuza and Haku ( their relationship, compared to the historical reference) is very. The line that separated Zabuza and Haku's relationship- that of one . But god, he was so tight, and Zabuza felt even more heat rush to his.

Zabuza forced himself to take things slowly; Haku was inexperienced at this, after all, and he was so much smaller and delicate-looking than he himself was. Consequently, he was reluctant to deepen the kiss, trying to be as gentle as possible. Haku, on the contrary, had other ideas.

Arching one perfect brow, he ran a finger down Zabuza's well-defined chest and stomach earning him a low growl from the other man. I'm not going to break. Zabuza was suddenly immensely grateful for the wall behind him; his knees felt like they were going to buckle with restrained lust if Haku didn't stop acting so damn provocatively.

Haku allowed his lips to ghost over Zabuza's skin as he breathed out, murmuring, " Haku ran his tongue tentatively against the other man's lips, and when their tongues finally brushed together they both moaned at the thrilling heat rushing through their veins, hypersensitive to every graze of burning skin over burning skin. Eventually they were forced to part, panting for air. Zabuza stepped back, letting his eyes rove hungrily across Haku's face and body; taking in his red, bitten lips, tousled hair and flushed skin.

The young ninja's eyes seemed to be almost dancing with a mixture of amusement and heady desire at the reaction he was getting from his master. Painfully slowly, he untied the sash around his waist and pushed his kimono back over his shoulders, exposing his flushed chest and smooth stomach. He let the silk garment drop to the floor, leaving him almost naked but for a thin pair of shorts that rested low on his narrow hips.

The look in Zabuza's eyes changed from that of someone outrageously turned on to something positively feral. Wen he finally spoke, it sounded as though every word was a struggle, his voice low and rasping. Haku looked directly into his eyes, his whole body trembling with anticipation.

Weapons! Haku, Yukine, and Us

The young shinobi inhaled sharply as every nerve in his body was set alight with pleasure. Without breaking their zealous kiss, Zabuza ran a strong hand down the pale skin at the back of one of Haku's long, slender legs.

Fiercely grabbing the underside of his other thigh hard enough to bruise, he hoisted Haku up so that his legs were wrapped around his waist. Each moaned into the other as their still partially-clothed bodies rubbed against one another, creating a delicious friction as their erections brushed together. Clothes, to Zabuza, were now nothing more than an annoying hindrance preventing him from ravishing the exquisite individual currently pressed between himself and the wall.

Bracing himself on one hand, he used the other to pull off his own clothing, scattering it everywhere somewhat distracted by the sensation of Haku licking and sucking his neck and jawline.

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Soon he was completely naked, the only thing left attached to his body- apart from the slender frame of one stunningly beautiful shinobi entwined around his torso- being a leather strap holding a kunai to his leg. Roughly snatching the weapon, he held the tip against the creamy skin over Haku's hipbone so that the blade could rest on the top of his shorts. Dragging the blade downwards with deadly accuracy, once over each hip, he sliced through the material so that it could fall to the floor, forgotten, as Haku arched with pleasure at the erotic sensation of the cool steel scraping dangerously over his flesh.

He was somewhat surprised and impressed that his master could still control a deadly weapon with such accuracy despite his lust-glazed eyes and shaking fingers; the blade had marked him, but not quite enough to draw blood. He was also surprised at just how incredible it felt to be pressed naked against the body of another.

Their kiss was now slower, more tender, allowing each the time to lazily explore the other. Shifting slightly so that one hand supported Haku's left leg, Zabuza trailed the fingers of his other hand up a pale thigh until he found the soft ridges of skin that surrounded what he was looking for. Rubbing a finger in lazy circles over Haku's entrance, he heard he boy's breath hitch slightly; but, since he made no other response, he took it as an invitation to continue.

He slid a hand up a tanned neck to tangle his fingers in Zabuza's hair, all the while telling himself to relax. This felt nice, and he trusted his master not to do anything that would hurt him unnecessarily. Upon feeling the tight ring of muscles ease slightly to his insistent rubbing, Zabuza slipped two fingers into his mouth in an attempt to make them as smooth and frictionless as possible.

Placing one finger at Haku's entrance he pressed gently until it slid into the narrow passage. But god, he was so tight, and Zabuza felt even more heat rush to his already aching, leaking arousal at the very thought of being sheathed inside that incredible body. Dragging his lips slowly over Haku's in order to distract him a little from any discomfort he might feel, he inserted the second finger, moving them around slightly to further separate the tight walls.

He began a slow rhythm, sliding his fingers in and out, in and out, smirking at the erotic little gasps and moans the younger shinobi was making.

Holy ****. How gay were Haku and Zabuza?

Finally, however, he was so aroused he could no longer stand it and he withdrew his fingers. For a brief moment he paused, quickly smearing the thick pearls of liquid over the head of his erection in order to make entrance easier. Haku spat neatly into one of his own palms before dragging it along Zabuza's length to provide a little extra lubrication, watching lustily as Zabuza closed his eyes and groaned.

Gripping those lean legs wrapped around his middle, he pulled back roughly so that Haku's hips came away from the wall, allowing him to position himself at his entrance.

Resting his chin on Haku's shoulder, silken strands of hair playing across his face, he pushed in painstakingly slowly using every ounce of willpower he could muster. Every nerve in his body was on fire, desperate for him to pound the young shinobi into the wall, but he knew he had to give him time to adjust.

Zabuza let out a low hiss as he pushed his way into the tight heat- he was being gripped so tightly it was almost painful. Haku, eyes wide at the strange combination of dull pain and intense pleasure, shakily gasped, "Z-Zabuza-san!

Despite the slight pain, Haku had never experienced anything more amazing in his life. Feeling the intense, throbbing heat of someone else actually inside him was truly mind blowing.

Shifting position a little, Zabuza pushed upwards once again, more forcefully than before. This time he managed to brush across that hidden sensitive spot.

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Zabuza placed his lips upon Haku's shoulder briefly before bracing his weight against the wall and slamming into Haku again and again and again until the young shinobi was writhing and gasping and moaning as the amazing sensations flooded his body.

Zabuza, knowing that he wasn't going to last much longer and wanting Haku to come before he himself did, ran a hand along Haku's length. With a shocked "Oh! With a final thrust Zabuza climaxed also, body shuddering as wave after wave of pleasure washed over him, so intense that his legs almost gave way.

zabuza and haku relationship with god

Wordlessly, he pulled out, legs shaking and panting for breath. Neither had the energy to stand any more and so they slid to the floor in a tangle of limbs. Zabuza could not remember ever feeling so warm, comfortable and sated before as he lay on the soft rug that covered the floor beneath them.

zabuza and haku relationship with god

He gently pulled Haku close so that the younger ninja's head lay on his chest. Haku, feeling the silk of his discarded kimono tickling his fingertips, grasped the garment and draped it over them as a makeshift blanket.

For a while, they simply lay listening to the drum of rain on the window pane and the steady beat of their own hearts returning to normal, stunned at what had just happened. Neither really knew what on earth they could possibly say to the other. Eventually Zabuza spoke, breaking the silence between them. We have to travel far tomorrow and need as much rest as we can get. Smiling slightly, Zabuza absentmindedly ran his fingers through the soft strands of dark hair that lay across his chest.

Sighing contentedly, he rested his head on Zabuza's warm body once more, and allowed himself to drift off into an untroubled sleep as the man beneath him did the same. Of course, we are never to know- if we do cross the line, and it does change our lives for the better- how long the new-found happiness will last.

But it is not worth the risk? In many cases, perhaps, the answer could be 'yes'. Is it hot in here or what?! That pairing turns me on waaaaaay to much. Anyway, since that was my very first attempt at a fanfiction or rather, the first I've ever finished, since it takes me so damn long to write anything I've always given up part way through before now I am begging you to leave a review.

You don't even need to sign in, just clickety-click, write any old crap and send it to me! What struck me about those two characters, were their position of submission to their masters. But the difference between these two characters is their moral alignment. Zabuza believed that even thought he was such an awful man, Haku was not, and Haku would go someplace far better then he would after death. Zabuza didn not think Haku would not have to pay the price for his own sins.

I know it cannot be, but I wish I could go to where you have gone. How I wish I could join you there, Haku. My time here is done, Haku.

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Tonight, I cast aside the Land of Water. One day, I will return and seize this land and hold it in my hands. Many things must me done before that day comes, and you will help me to do them. But I warn you: I do not need these things, nor should you expect them from me. I am yours, Zabuza. I am only an instrument of your will. Think of me as a weapon to be held at your side and used as you see fit. Obviously Haku had blind faith in Zabuza. He seamed numb to those facts, forgetting about them because he was so overcome with thankfulness for Zabuza for giving him a purpose… he forgot the value of his own life.

He gave up his life to be seen as a weapon. But did he love Zabuza, or did he love what Zabuza meant to him? He sounds like a pretty bad guy for someone who was so pure to follow. Can that faith save him? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. Yes, he had many works he dedicated to his master, but they were pointless. His dedication meant nothing since it just resulted in evil acts. Yukine became a Hafuri Vessel for Yato, similar to how Haku risked his life for Zabuza taking a fatal blow for him.

zabuza and haku relationship with god

Haku would have been a Blessed Regalia if he lived in the same world as Yukine. Although Yato is a spaz and acts like a petty teenage girl sometimes, he is a good person and he loves his comrades deeply. Yato is selfish, like Zabuza, but Yato wants to be loved. He is God, creator of the earth and everything in it.