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This is simply an analysis of their relationship as band-mates and fandom essay blog/advice column for the tumblr user formerly known as lightlee It was always Yunho and Changmin and Jaejoong, or it was just Yoochun. PV analysis • Yoochun • Changmin • Yunho • Junsu • Jaejoong “ MEMBER SPECIFIC ” • Changmin's relationship with Yunho compared to with Kyuhyun [re: with whom is he closer]. GROUP CENTRIC ADVICE COLUMN. including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn.

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Most recently on June Spending time with mostly men many of them either openly gay or speculated to be gay might not mean someone is gay. But what caught me was how he talks about the females he's been around He speaks as if he has to compete with them for male attention: Spoiler GQ interview from In the end, everyone just gathers looks at the girl and it happens that the girl becomes the center of everything. I think I'm more of the guy that likes making noise and talking among boys.

So whenever I go drinking, I don't usually call girls up. Is it because I don't have interest in girls? In my phonebook, there's female celebrities and excluding the female staff, I only have three female celebrities' number. Yunho is his leader.

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He embodies things that Changmin thinks are essential in men, but that he could never be—or want to be. Their relationship is much less co-dependent than others within the group are. They both have their own very distinct and separate lives, and neither of them have any desire to cross them. Yunho has his own circle of friends, and Changmin has his. After all, they have different personalities that, while balancing each other out, would clash if they were left alone too long.

Changmin is a private person. He prefers and enjoys being by himself.

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Yunho is a social person. He likes people and being around them and talking to them. His habits are habits because he keeps forgetting to change them. He keeps forgetting to clean, or remember to do something yeah, thats right: Yunho is naive and playful where Changmin is almost painfully cynical and realist. Yunho might squeeze the toothpaste from the middle, but does it really matter since Changmin probably goes behind him and squeezes from the bottom?

Yunho took over the entire range of dance, and Changmin was right next to him covering up all the missing notes and vocal nuances that used to be handled by JYJ. Jaejoong can barely meet Yunho's eyes without having an NG issue involving laughing, smiling, or blushing, including the adorable instance of seeing himself in Yunho's eyes when they were staring at each other. He certainly doesn't seem to mind being grasped around the waist for his princess carry either.

Which male idols do you think are gay?

Both of them admitted to feeling awkward with each other following the drama-- something that usually doesn't happen when what you're doing can be explained away as playacting-- to the point where Jaejoong used that as an explanation for why he'd just sung Hug's bed-in-your-room line in Chinese to Yunho in the middle of their X-Man filming.

SM didn't really do their job of crushing the fantasy-- in fact, Yunho and Jaejoong seemed more aware of each other than ever afterwards. Which member would you date? It's a question most boy groups get asked, but the way the answers play out in the video has led many down the path of Yunjae. I think Yoochun and Changmin should win all the awards here for making things obvious.

Looking at Jaejoong when Yunho didn't pick him? Jaejoong instantly losing his interest in the conversation when Yunho says any member is fine? Looking at Yunho even before Jaejoong says his name?

Interestingly, from this point on whenever this question was asked, Yunho would usually say Jaejoong and Jaejoong would usually say Yunho, to the point where Junsu even got angry at Yunho for always picking Jaejoong, reminding him that were other members.

And something tells me that Junsu had other reasons for issuing that warning rather than wanting to be picked by Yunho himself. Their "uniform photoshoot" I'm sorry, but this was not a "uniform photoshoot". This was Yunjae and Yoosu shooting a CF for their new BL drama, with Changmin glancing at on his laptop and being ignored by the cameraman. Bonus points for Yunho grabbing Jae and Jae leaning in and grabbing his shoulder like he's about to get kissed until Yunho's pushes him a little to get him to do the dip pose.

He's a smug little bastard here, isn't he? Getting lost in each other's eyes Hey, I'd get a little bit distracted too if Yunho did that tongue movement thing while I was looking at him, too. But Jae was in the middle of an interview, which probably wasn't the ideal time to completely lose track of his train of thought and make that I'm-so-ashamed-in-myself look before remembering what he was saying. In the middle of a photoshoot is also a very inopportune time to get caught staring.

More points to Yunho for that cute little smirk when Jae finally snaps back to attention after their little staring contest. Singing their duet together in Love in the Ice Good for instant emoshinki. Changmin also used to sometimes take a step back when they were singing together, so they could get a better look at each other when they were delivering their lines. Changmin in the middle I spent an entire semester of high school sitting in between the class couple in my math class, and they spent the entire semester talking over me as if I didn't exist.

I feel for Changmin, I really do. You can tell there a gazillion other places he'd rather be at times when squeezed betweent the DBSK class couple, which makes you think he was stuck there deliberately, just like I got stuck between our own class couple in attempt to split them up and keep their attention on math. It didn't work for me, and it didn't seem to work for Changmin either.

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