Yui and ayato relationship

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yui and ayato relationship

Ayato relationship with his brother is Well I cannot really explain but he is really closest with Laito (they often bullied Yui together though. Kanato Sakamaki / Azusa Mukami / Yui Komori【Diabolik Lovers More Blood】 . Kanato route end Yui And Ayato, Kanato Sakamaki, Viera, Diabolik Lovers. Ayato x Yui is the term used to refered to the romantic relationship between Yui Komori and Ayato Sakamaki in Diabolik Lovers. Yui first encountered Ayato sleeping in a couch located near the main entrance hall of the Sakamaki mansion. Ayato first drank Yui's blood when she failed.

Grabbing her phone, she sent a short text to Ayato to tell him she was on her way and walked out of her room. She was out of the mansion in thirty seconds, heading down the street towards the school. It would take quite awhile, so she went ahead and pulled out her earbuds to listen to music.

After another twelve minutes of walking and bobbing her head to the beat of her song, Yui started to feel an unsettling feeling in her chest. It seemed like someone was watching her.

Yui looked around, her footsteps slowing just slightly She pulled out one of her earbuds, turning in a full circle. She rolled her eyes at herself. Her hair swept forward as something went passed her. She tried to scream but a hand covered her mouth and eyes.

She struggled in the vampires' holds, feeling multiple hands grabbing her. Ayato jumped up, thrusting his fist into the air when the score went up by three, putting them ahead of the other team. His team surrounded him and cheered, jumping up and down while chanting their team's name. Ayato grinned and looked back at the stands, spotting his brothers clapping with the crowd.

Only Laito was cheering and jumping up and down while Shu was the only one who looked like he didn't know what was going on.

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Ayato's grin faded when he noticed Yui wasn't there, his jumps slowing to a halt. Bitch-chan didn't show up. Reiji said he called her, but it went straight to voice mail. Ayato looked back at them, green eyes flashing.

She opened her eyes slowly, looking around the dark room.

yui and ayato relationship

Whatever she was laying on wasn't too comfortable, but it wasn't the floor. She closed her eyes again, her head pounding. Her eyes adjusted to the dark, discovering she was in a small empty room. The only thing in here was the small bed she was laying on.

She sat up slowly, whimpering softly when her headache became worse. Her back hit a strong chest, another hand grabbing her shoulder. She looked up shakily, her eyes large when she spotted the last person she ever wanted to come across.

Let go of me! You have no right to tell me what to do, Livestock. You're our prey now. She knew it was a bad move, but she was too pissed off to care. Ruki bared his fangs and pinned her wrists to the wall, bruising her skin.

yui and ayato relationship

Yui screamed in pain, her body twitching in pain. She couldn't feel her neck anymore, nor her hands. She gasped and struggled in his hold, tears escaping her eyes. Ruki licked his lips, smirking at her. Ruki finally let go, licking the blood from his fingertips. She opened her eyes, spotting Kou standing over her. He smirked slightly, his fangs glinting. Get away from me! His gaze hardened, his hand grabbing her neck harshly.

Yui yelped, squeezing her eyes shut. She gripped his wrist tightly, tears stinging her eyes.

yui and ayato relationship

Kou smirked, ripping her shirt apart. Yui squirmed in his hold, gasping when his fingers trailed along her side. He's found no trace of Yui anywhere; not a phone, piece of cloth, or a scent trail.

He lifted his phone to his ear when the ringtone went off, huffing in annoyance. Reiji-" "I'm not coming back till I find Yui," Ayato snapped, causing a few people walking by to glance at him. A woman scowled, walking around him with her friends. She slammed her fist against the door, her forehead hitting the wood.

Do you even care?! She felt alone, worthless, violated She held her body tightly, shivering from the cold. No blanket or shirt to keep her warm Yui covered her mouth, her eyes sore from crying.

She snapped her head around the room, finding no one. Yui felt her breath hitch, eyes widening. He hissed, holding his jaw as he looked up at the attacker. Ayato growled, standing back up. Yuma flicked his bangs back, cracking his knuckles. Ayato smirked back, cracking his own knuckles. It's my job to make sure she is safe. Ayato yelped and backed up, ducking under the next swing. He kicked out and tripped Yuma, grabbing a vase and smashing it over his head. Yuma grunted, shaking the glass from his hair before grabbing Ayato and throwing him into the wall.

His personality Ayato is very self-centred only ever showing a caring attitude towards Yui. He is a bossy person and doesn't act surprised when things go his way. He loves mischief and plays lots of pranks on Yui and his brothers.

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Ayato is know as the trouble maker of the household. He speaks badly of his mother and His father. He also calls his brothers. His fighting skills When Ayato fought Richter he got stabbed in the shoulder. After putting up a fight to the other much older vampire.


After a while things go on and Yui stabs herself afer Ayato catches her on the stairs. Richter makes a go for the heart of Cordelia of which when Ayato stabs him. Ayato is seen to be skilled in fighting. His Room Ayato has a passion for torture devices his favourite being an Iron Maiden which he sleeps in with the spikes removed.

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His Character Theme Song I'm currently listening to this song rn and it's amazing. Manga In the Ayato manga he says he will kill Karl Heinz and become vampire king. Which he does he also marries Yui. He bites her finger in replacement of a wedding ring every time it heals up he will make new fang marks. In the manga Ayato saves Yui from Kanato.

yui and ayato relationship

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