Wolfram and yuuri relationship counseling

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wolfram and yuuri relationship counseling

Anonymous said: how do you see yuuri and wolfram's relationship turning romantic/sexual if and/or when it does in the novels? Answer: this. WOLFRAM AND YUURI HAD BEEN MARRIED FOR __[A]__ WHEN THEY HE HAD SUGGESTED MARRIAGE COUNSELING, BUT SINCE __[B]__ WAS A. Wolfram had been alive longer then Yuuri's own grandparents. He didn't know why those relationships had ended as those around him remained Yuuri chanted their advice in his head in between rehearsing his breakup.

A Handful for an Eye: Josak does this a lot. Yuuri and Gwendal are forced to spend an episode in the first season handcuffed together. They're mistaken for an eloping couple, and asked to say a few words of encouragement at a wedding.

The garbled speech Yuuri makes has a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming comeback in the third season when he performs a real marriage ceremony for the bride of the previous forced wedding and her real chosen groom. They introduce this slightly before the actual knitting, so he does some really weird twitching there. In the first episode, a purple-haired girl gives Yuuri some water to drink. She also has a cameo in the opening credits. We find out much later that she's actually a priestess and the one responsible for activating Yuuri's powers.

Yuuri's ability to play baseball, along with Conrad's ability to throw. Shinou's plan to destroy Soushu involved controlling every major action of the entire Mazoku race for four thousand years.

Does this count as an Ancient Conspiracy? Wolfram's proposal to Elizabeth was also this. A Child Shall Lead Them: Yuuri is only 15 at the beginning of the series yet is crowned the Ruler of a country. The third season reveals that King Saralegui was also crowned at age Gwendal all but ignores Yuri upon his arrival at the castle and Wolfram is outright hostile.

But he made sure to stay as far away from Conrad as he could. And, being a spy by trade, he was more than successful. We'll be back at Blood Pledge Castle tomorrow afternoon. So, I'm sure we can sleep in these just fine if the soldiers out there can. Folding the uniform neatly, he approached the small chair in the corner of the tent. But, it can't be helped, so there's no need to complain. Yes, he'd seen the way Wolfram had been watching him. Immediately, the flame died.

And, in the darkness, he could barely make out the outline of the blond as he turned his back to him. A heavy silence fell. He just couldn't help himself. Best not to know. He just couldn't sleep and he didn't want to just lie there and stare into darkness.

He'd done that for too many nights. Tonight, he'd take a walk near the fire and, maybe, find something to drink. Wolfram pushed back the tent flap and stepped out into the fresh night air. The sky was inky black with small pin pricks of light twinkling down at him. In front, there was a small fire with three logs placed around it.

Further back were the tents. Wolfram placed his hands behind his back in Gwendal-ish fashion and looked up at the sky. Wolfram turned his attention back to the night sky and murmured, "Couldn't sleep. Yuuri sat up, rubbing his right eye. Why was there talking at this hour? He looked in the direction of the tent flap and saw two shadows against it. One was brawny with well shaped arms and torso. Has to be Yozak, he thought.

The other had a slight, almost waif-like body for a male with hair almost reaching narrowed shoulders. Wolfram shrugged it off. Had there been some problem between his godfather and his closest friend?

How had he not noticed? A finger shook at him. A sudden gust of wind brushed against them. The figure of Wolfram on the tent wall shifted a bit as the blond raked his fingers through his curls. He seemed to be thinking before his slightly husky voice said, "Make up with him. Or however it is that your relationship works with him.

And exchanging small barbs with the young lord was one of his favorite things. But Wolfram just shrugged at it and went back to watching the stars.

Yuuri felt his face flush at that. Maybe, he should get up and save Wolfram from being teased any further. After all, their engagement was an accident. The blond ex-prince didn't deserve to go through this—even from Yozak. Yozak's tone sounded intrigued. Besides, in time, Big Brother might decide to have you investigate me. So, you'd find out either way, right? We're really no different than we were before. The difference, you see, is…" Yuuri sat up in his cot, now leaning over to hear more.

He held his breath, waiting. I've got, maybe, a few more months at best.

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Or, did you just make her say that? You jump to too many conclusions. He put a hand to his chest. Then, the realization came that the people of his country, including stubborn Wolfram von Bielefeld, revered The Great Sage with a respect bordering on the religious.

wolfram and yuuri relationship counseling

Or, maybe, it actually was religious. When it came to Shinou, Murata, the temple, and shrine maidens, he was at a total loss. There was an awkward silence and Yozak turned away a little. Yozak still had his forearm in his grasp. The spy realized it, too, and, somewhat gracelessly, released him. If I fought for Yuuri, would it change the outcome? It was when they ached that he realized what he was doing. Wolfram took a few steps, his shadow becoming smaller on the tent wall.

It sounded so impossible knowing their history together. If he makes a fool out of himself, socially, I no longer care. But, somehow, I just can't see you sticking around when the pretty face comes to replace you. No one could have a prettier face than Wolfram. And he would never make the blond leave the castle, leave his home.

We'll be the talk of the kingdom for years! The orange haired man went on. I still have lands and holdings I inherited when my honorable father died in combat. So, it won't be as though I had to go to von Bielefeld Castle. Grant it, his one facial expression seems to be a smile…which I find disturbing. But, underneath it, I'm sure there's more.

And, besides, if only one of us brothers can be happy…then, I think it is Conrad's turn. How had things come to this? Make memories…but don't hold onto anyone…because, even if you try, they won't stay with you for very long.

Lying on his side, away from the movement going on behind him, the double black pretended to be waking up. What if it broke? Wolfram pulled off his boots and pushed back the covers. There's no bathroom in here, right? It would just lead to more questions—more things he didn't want to talk about. Let's just go to sleep and end this day.

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Yozak approached Conrad with the standard home-fried biscuit with egg and bacon sandwiched in between. He chewed and glanced at the spy's face. He didn't seem angry. I didn't want to argue, it's just…" He took another bite, much smaller this time. But, I really think that, sometimes, you can delegate that responsibility to someone you know…and trust. Something I should know? It was strange how, when it came to the double black, that he could change like that. Yozak sighed harshly, and added emphasis.

I may be a spy, but I have my secrets, too. Wolfram handed him a cloth to wipe his face with but said nothing other than that. In some way, Yuuri missed the scolding he usually got for being messy.

He took a bigger bite of his biscuit, pondering it all. He blinked when Wolfram offered a cup of cold water. Yozak walked away from the back of the tent. And, by the gait, it was clear he was angry again.

That really wasn't an answer to his question. But, he felt sorry for his godfather if he was fighting with his best friend. The whole castle knows! I mean, they've been together, off and on, for decades. The blond's grin widened. Yuuri's eyes brightened, "You mean that? Something…something… He got it.

What is that bird? Then, his companion went on, "If you see one, you can make a wish and the bird will carry it to Heaven. The double black grinned. There's nothing left to wish for. The red bird flew away. Yuuri watched the flash of red go with a feeling of dread. Now, he understood things. But, could he change them? The double black hung his head. It was Wolfram again. He blinked in surprise but took the callused hand automatically, letting the blond pull him roughly to his feet.

But, when he got nothing, he took the double black by the hand and decided to lead the way back to the horses. This explanation was taking far too long. And, frankly, he just didn't have the patience for this kind of nonsense today.

Sometimes, getting information out of Yuuri was like pulling teeth. It's time to go. There was a sudden, overwhelming need to grab the fiery ex-prince and hold him—make him stay.

But the movement of the men in the camp, seemingly from all sides, made that impossible. All Yuuri could do was nod back to what Wolfram had said. He'd never take that away. Wolfram glanced back from the corner of his eye. As they entered the gates, there were cheering servants, maids, guards, pageboys, and the like. Some were standing only a few feet away. Others waved the country's flag from the castle's windows or tossed confetti into the wind.

It seemed that a thousand voices were talking and cheering at once, almost drowning out the sound of the clomping horses. Yuuri and Conrad were at the head with Wolfram reining his horse back a little. Not that Yuuri would care. Mazoku symbolism meant nothing to him.

Wolfram frowned as he dodged a silly bouquet of orange roses that had been intended for Yuuri but had ended up being flung at him instead. It spooked the steed and Wolfram had to pull the reins harder.

More cheers from the crowd with some laughs mixed in. It was annoying, irritating— Moreover, this happened every time they traveled. The blond soothed his horse with kind words as they continued on. But it was hard to keep the thread of anger out of his voice.

Yuuri chuckled at something that Conrad had said. Wolfram noticed that his older brother was pointing at something to the west of them. A goose and a gander were leading their enormous family of fuzzy goslings to a small lake quite some distance away.

But, still, the smallest, the runt lagging behind, was doing his best to keep up. His little legs were scrambling. That was what Wolfram really wanted. He glanced at Yuuri again and tried to remind himself of what he'd promised—to give Yuuri the best memories that he could; the best memories of their time together.

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They had so very little of it left. Then, the blond raked his fingers through his windblown hair. Sometimes, like today, things like this were necessary, he supposed. The people needed to see that Yuuri was safe and happy. He could share Yuuri with them. The blond's horse slowed down as he contemplated the word—"happy. Wolfram gives Yuuri a Declaration of Protection and asks him "Can't you understand my love?

When Wolfram is affected by a love spell, he declares his love to Yuuri. Naturally, Yuuri is not amused but when it wears off, Yuuri teases Wolfram on how forward he was AKA he was the same as he always been. When Wolfram got kidnapped by the Originators, instead of panicking like he would normally do at the beginning of the series, Yuuri gets on his own horse and chases after them.

Of course, he gets kidnapped too but it's the thought that counted in that moment because all Yuuri thought was saving Wolfram. This is more evident in one episode where Wolfram goes to save a child from being burned alive and almost gets burned in the process.

This instantly causes Yuuri to go Maou on the entire forest to assure that Wolfram was safe. Yuuri gets to carry Wolfram in a Bridal Carry one time during that one episode in the snowstorm. To add to this, Yuuri was worrying for Wolfram the entire time, so he finally mans up in order to actually pull this off.

Yuuri is devastated when he thinks that Wolfram is dead after his heart is ripped out. His personality alters for that whole episode as Yuuri suddenly decides that he's going to do all in his power to wake Wolfram up again. Coming from the guy who would run away often or wouldn't want to do anything for Wolf, this is shown as a huge hint that he has realized his feelings for Wolf to some.

wolfram and yuuri relationship counseling

The final scene in season 2. Fans noticed that when Wolfram started crying when he, Murata and Shouri had to go back to their world before the gate closed Yuuri didn't look back.