William powell and jean harlow relationship

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william powell and jean harlow relationship

Help us build our profile of Jean Harlow and William Powell! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your . Sex bomb: Long-forgotten, but Jean Harlow was one of the first 'It' . One of the few men to treat her decently was actor William Powell, or 'Poppy', as she called him, a nickname that spoke volumes about their relationship. Harlean was an amalgam of her mother's maiden name, Jean Harlow, which the actress Harlow was engaged to marry the actor William Powell, her co-star in.

No one could throw a hilarious huffing and puffing, dish throwing, on-screen tantrum like Harlow.

william powell and jean harlow relationship

In the film Dinner at Eight Harlow gives one of her finest comedic performances. Who can forget the sight of her lying in bed in a gorgeous negligee stuffing chocolates into her face? Harlow also seems to zestfully delight in calling Wallace Beery "Ya old Windbag!

William Powell

However, Harlow was loved by the crew members who worked on her films. They remembered her as being very kind, down-to-earth and a great dice player!

william powell and jean harlow relationship

In those pre-Las Vegas days, one of her favorite getaway spots was Agua Caliente, a high end Tijuana gambling resort which is still in existence. Harlow, with her heart of gold, was known to help out crew members who needed support financially.

Katharine Hepburn is credited with being a fashion trendsetter, wearing slacks in public at a time when most actresses would only wear skirts. Harlow also was fond of slacks. Almost all candid shots of her show her in sweaters, bell-bottoms and tennis shoes. And her friend, Marcella Rabwin, David O. Selznicks's assistant, recalled that Harlow "always had a book under her arm. I loved her, and oh she was a stunning creature!

I remember sitting under a hair dryer in a beauty parlor one day, and sitting next to me was a child, also under a dryer. She was wearing shorts, and her little baby legs perfectly formed, rested against the back of her chair while the nails of her little baby hands were being manicured. My word, I thought, a ten or eleven year old kid having that bright red polish put on, and suddenly the hood of the dryer went back and the child stood up and it was Jean.

She was probably twenty-three at the time but without make-up and no eyebrows, she looked exactly like a little kid. They sparked together and complimented each other in every way.

william powell and jean harlow relationship

Gable met his match with Harlow as his leading lady. They generated a sense of playfulness and fun in every film they made together.

william powell and jean harlow relationship

They represented the ideal relationship of pals as well as lovers. The two were pals off screen. Gable's wife Carole Lombard, who was unthreatened by their friendship, once commented that she loved Jean Harlow because Gable thought of her "as one of the guys. Mama Jean would never surrender control of her daughter to anyone. The death of Paul Bern remains one of Hollywood's great unsolved mysteries. On Labor Day weekendHarlow left her home with Paul Bern to spend the night at her mother's house.

Bern was reportedly to join her there later but never showed up. The next morning Bern's body was discovered. It appeared he had shot himself in the head. He left a suicide note written on page 13 of his guest book which read "Dearest dear, Unfortunately this is the only way to make good the frightful wrong I have done you and wipe out my abject humiliation.

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You understand last night was only a comedy. Unbeknownst to Harlow and the world, Bern had a mentally unbalanced common-law wife named Dorothy Milette. Witnesses say a woman answering the description of Milette visited Bern the night of his death. Milette was last seen boarding the "Delta Queen" in Sacramento.

Days later her body was found in the Sacramento River. There was no money for a funeral so Harlow paid for her burial and even the grave marker reading "Dorothy Milette Bern". Harlow returned to work on Red Dust with Clark Gable just three days after her husband's suicide. Gable would later say "She was the bravest person I ever knew. Studio heads were concerned that the Paul Bern suicide and resulting scandal would affect Harlow's career adversely.

However, the scandal had no bearing on Harlow's popularity. Jean Harlow still was one of America's top ten stars, loved by men and women alike. Audiences loved the spontaneous quality she projected in the roles she portrayed. This is because there are a ridiculous amount of pictures of Bill and Carole looking insanely hot together — I was going to discipline myself to just a couple of favourites but then I thought nah chuck em all in.

It would be an injustice not to take this opportunity of including these stunning photos of their friendship! In William Powell was 38 and doing quite nicely professionally.

Man of the World is a potboiler melodrama about a blackmailer who falls in love with one of his marks. The plan was for a professional discussion prior to the start of filming. William Powell was a successful leading man who had no time for dippy young actresses. As neither party suffered fools gladly it was thought best they meet beforehand and discuss the requirements for the picture.

I was embarrassed and fidgety. I worried over whether or not I was making a good impression on her. It just so happened that immediately after our introduction,which took place at the studio, we were left alone to talk over the picture we were about to do together. We talked about men and women and things that happened to them and ourselves. The fascination continued after the picture wrapped. Both parties were in hugely different places in their lives though.

Someday I am going to ask this girl to marry me!

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At first she was a bit dubious… so many professional marriages fail to work out… I had experienced one failure in matrimony previously, and Carole was just starting out on a career that was tremendously important to her. Bill and Carole married on 26 June As far as he was concerned: No wonder Bill looks so pleased! And so the Powells tried to settle into their new life together and their new home — Bill trying his best to make his wife happy by trying to support her career and Carole trying her best to make her husband happy by trying to be the perfect housewife.

Carole explained to Garson Kanin years later: Because after all, Philo. Philo was her name for William Powell because he had once played the detective Philo Vance. And how to take care of his clothes.

william powell and jean harlow relationship